The Importance of Teamwork during the CRM and ERP Implementation of a Business Management System

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The implementation of a business management system, whether it’s an ERP or CRM solution, is a long process that hinges on several factors and involves many people. Don’t think that only your implementation partner will be working! The input of your organization will be required to coordinate and manage the implementation internally while ensuring that expectations and concerns are communicated properly with your partner so that everyone is on the same wavelength.

As such, you will be required to work in teams throughout the project, be it with your main implementation partner or with third-party providers, or even internally with your colleagues. Teamwork during the CRM and ERP implementation is thus vital to the success and to ensure that you obtain a solution that meets and even exceeds your objectives. Not only is teamwork important to collaborate and communicate properly, but it’s also stimulating and motivating—and even fun.

As the implementation of your management system is a large-scale project, it’s normal to expect challenges and unforeseen events. This makes it even more important to overcome challenges as a team, both internally and externally. By leveraging the different strengths of your team members, you will also better be able to identify aspects to be improved and quickly find solutions. New possibilities can also emerge from discussing and sharing different points of view. This way, results can even exceed your expectations.

Moreover, teamwork fosters a climate of loyalty and respect where everyone’s strengths, skills and input is valued, making for a rewarding and enriching experience. Striving for a common objective, in this case the launch of a new management system, helps keep everyone motivated even during the more trying phases of the project. You will increase your team’s productivity and efficiency. You will also reduce the risk of the same errors reoccurring by exchanging with others and learning from the experience.

The following elements are to be encouraged to ensure the success of an ERP implementation project and make the experience pleasant for everyone involved:

  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Communication and listening
  • Respect
  • Conflict resolution and constructive criticism
  • Union of individual strengths and competences

Uniting complementary skills and talents is a good way to promote creativity and innovation. You will encourage new approaches and points of view, which can simplify the difficulties encountered or contribute to new possibilities. You will also foster an environment where everyone can expand the scope of their competences. And they will have a global view to better understand common objectives.

Lastly, it’s important to commit yourself to this team spirit and to the respect of its members. After all, everyone is striving to achieve the same goal, namely the success of the project. To learn more about the various factors that ensure the success of an implementation project, read our article on The Importance of Planning and Change Management for ERP Software Implementations.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP integration specialist in Quebec

1 thought on “The Importance of Teamwork during the CRM and ERP Implementation of a Business Management System”

  1. In my opinion, after overseeing numerous ERP implementations, the success lies in the hands of the top management. If they do not support the project, it will fail! Teamwork is essential, but top management need to be part of that team

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