Dynamics 365 Enables 1:1 Communication for Manufacturers

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Dynamics 365 Enables 1:1 Communication for Manufacturers

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enables 1 to 1 Customer to Manufacturer Communication with Azure IoT Suite-

Remember in your youth (or even seemingly in your office) playing the telephone game, where one person leans in and tells the individual next to them a message and by the time the phrase is repeated down the line to the end person, the message is almost never what the initial communication started out as?  Dynamics 365 can eliminate miscommunication within the manufacturing process by employing Dynamics 365 Azure IoT suite.  The IoT suite gives manufacturers the opportunity to connect directly with customers and break down communication barriers between salespeople and service representatives, engineers, production/warehouse workers, and delivery drivers. By collaborating across organizational boundaries, manufacturers can engage with customers in a 1:1 relationship.

IoT is made easier for manufacturer's with Dynamics 365. IoT enables manufacturers to go beyond simply improving existing products, and adds predictive maintenance to their product portfolios. By using Dynamics 365 Azure IoT Suite, manufacturers can expand their business models to deliver service-based products: solutions that encompass both the product and related complementary services instead of offering products only. This added benefit of Dynamics 365 with Azure IoT suite can help manufacturers take full advantage of opportunities available in the market today.

Dynamics 365 and IOTQuick Facts on Dynamics 365 and IoT

While Iot and IIot are still in their outset, please read over statistics that are already impacting manufacturing.

  • 82% of manufacturers using IoT increased operational efficiency and improved product quality with 49 percent fewer product defects.
  • 79% of manufacturing leaders already use IoT technologies to track customers, products with RFID, business premises, or supply chains.
  • Without access to IoT data, nearly 75% of service calls, technicians need a return visit either some or all of the time.
  •  $10.6 Trillion is the estimated cumulative GDP impact of IoT by 2030
  • For manufacturers, digitizing manufacturing and business processes has resulted in a 45% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • 89% of manufacturing leaders recognize that customer care and quality of service are driving competitive advantage today and for the foreseeable future.⁵
  • Research firm IDC estimates that by 2020, 40% of all data will be machine-generated, with 20 to 50 billion devices fueling that growth.

Dynamics 365 Enables 1:1 Communication for Manufacturers
To read more about how IoT is made easier for manufacturers with Dynamics 365 and case studies, read our blog: "IoT Easier for Manufacturers with Dynamics 365"


Azure IoT suite is available as a stand-alone app, or can be purchased in Plan 1 or Plan 2 of Dynamics 365. Clients First Texas and Minnesota, implement Dynamics 365 for Operations (Both a stand alone app and as a part of Dynamics 365 Plan 2). Dynamics 365 for Operations is essential for analyzing unstructured data from devices with structured data involved in the daily business processes. IoT enables your ERP system to connect people, processes, data and connected devices in an intelligent way. This connectivity enables new business models and helps manufacturers make better decision as alerts will be more event-driven and intelligent. Another benefit to Microsoft is that their systems are scalable and they can process any volume of big data.

Clients First has been leveraging the power of technology since the pre-cloud days when Dynamics 365 was called Axapta in 1999. Clients First and Dynamics 365 can give your business more insight into the costs of production through the use of ERP either in the cloud or on-premise. Reach out to us at Clients First to get a demonstration of the software.

Email: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, or call at 877.428.7205.

Email: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas , or call at 800.331.8382.




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