Document Attach Feature in Dynamics GP – How Did We Live Without It?

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If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP user and you haven’t yet upgraded to Dynamics GP 2013 R2 or 2015, now might be a good time to do so. Microsoft has added features to its solution that you might have been wishing for. One of the features we particularly appreciate is called Doc Attach. Doc Attach allows you to attach multiple documents to your Items, Customers, Vendors and Transactions. Think of the convenience of having instant access to documents such as Vendor W-9, Contracts, Sales Tax Resale Certificates, Credit Reports, Customer POs and virtually any document you can think of. Instead of searching around in various other places and folders, the documents you need will be right where you will need to use them.

Here's how it works:

In the screenshot below, in the top row of icons, you’ll see a paperclip. That is the icon for Doc Attach. Because you see only a paperclip and no paper, that indicates that there are not yet any documents attached to this customer file.


Now look at the second screenshot.


You’ll see that there are two places (indicated by the paperclips) where you can attach documents to this file. One is at the top and the other is below in the line items. (icons circled in red.) Click to attach your documents.

When the document or multiple documents have been attached, you’ll see a sheet of paper with the paperclip on the Doc Attach icon indicating that the attachment has been made.


In the third screenshot, you see the window you’ll use for attaching your documents. Notice that there is plenty of space for attaching as many documents as you like to each item. There is even room for you to describe the documents and give particulars about them. You’ll also have the ability to preview documents that are attached to the file.


Another great feature of this solution is that in addition to attaching and saving copies of these documents in your Dynamics GP solution, you can also send them in emails if you need to. An example would be sending an attached document in an email for a Purchase Order.

Would you like to know more about Doc Attach in Dynamics GP? Watch this short Crestwood Clips video.


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by Crestwood Associates

2 thoughts on “Document Attach Feature in Dynamics GP – How Did We Live Without It?”

  1. Hello, we are using Dynamics GP, and want to have an automatic AP workflow to reduce manual invoice entry, do you have any good recommendations?

    1. Crestwood Associates

      HI Newman, thank you for the comment. There are some great options in the newer versions of GP, and there are also several third party add-on solutions you can choose from. I replied to you via email.

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