Distributors Generate Data Every Day, Yet Many Aren’t Using It

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Wholesale distributors are complex businesses with many moving parts, long product lines, and a varied array of customers. The data generated from business operations and customer interactions can be immense and very valuable. However, businesses still relying on legacy systems are finding it difficult to put this information to work. Gain greater visibility across your enterprise and use this insight to improve operations and strengthen customer relationships.

Every business collects data, but data alone doesn’t drive growth. You need to be able to combine and analyze data from across your organization to strengthen customer service, boost sales, optimize supply chains and improve trade management.

Download “14 Questions Distribution Company CFOs Must Ask When Evaluating Cloud ERP,” to learn how to put data to use by collecting and analyzing it within a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Choose the Right ERP Solution to Capture Data and Put It to Work

Disparate, specialty software isolates data, making it difficult to reach and use. Put your data to work by choosing and deploying a comprehensive ERP solution to break down those barriers, integrating critical data from every department within your organization. Centralizing data within a single, more powerful solution puts important information at the fingertips of business leaders who need it to optimize operations and strengthen customer relationships.

Modern ERP solutions provide built-in business intelligence features, including role-tailored dashboards, which highlight key metrics from sales, inventory management, and the other moving parts of your business. Machine learning streamlines data analysis and empowers business leaders to identify trends within the data generated each day. By using historic and supply chain data, for example, managers will improve forecasting activities, avoid out of stock situations, and respond faster to delays or other supply chain disruptions.

Visibility within sales and customer data will support creative marketing and promotional activities to attract customers and meet rising expectations. Sales representatives can identify buying behaviors and personalize promotions or offer creative pricing strategies to close sales faster. Similarly, real-time data strengthens flexible trade management strategies and the ability to respond faster to price rules driven by suppliers.

Distributors generate valuable data every day; however, only the businesses able to use this information will remain profitable and strong in a crowded marketplace. Download the eBook and contact Western Computer for more information about choosing the ERP solution that will put your data to profitable use.

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