What are the benefits of Advanced Human Resources and PTO Manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP includes HR and Payroll functionality that is more robust than most other ERP products provide. However, there are some limitations for companies that need more in-depth or industry-specific functionality. That’s where Advanced HR and Payroll steps in. This article will highlight the differences between what is included in Microsoft Dynamics GP and what is offered in the add-on advanced software pack.

Human Resources

What features does the HR module include?

Tracking for: applicants, injuries, employee reviews, grievances, I-9 forms, FMLA, Cobra, expanded benefits/deductions, basic test/skills, and time and attendance for vacation. All of this functionality is included in Microsoft Dynamics GP at the base price.

What does Advanced Human Resources offer?

Advanced HR adds more detailed License tracking, Certification Tracking, Immunization tracking, and better reporting options. Advanced HR is useful if you need to track driver licenses, trucking licensing, and specific certifications. This functionality is especially necessary for those in the manufacturing, construction, and healthcare industries.


Vacation and PTO tracking


HR and Payroll Module (included) PTO Manager (Included in Adv. HR/Payroll)
Vacation 24 different accrual buckets, (SICK, VACATION, FLOAT HOLIDAYS, COMP TIME) meaning they can all accrue and hold a balance and all 4 could print with a balance on the employee paycheck. HR can track multiple accrual codes. PTO manager just tracks 2, Vacation and Sick
Accrual Schedules Ability to setup accrual schedules so an employee accrues graduated levels of leave, for example from 0-1.99 years they accrue 3 hours a pay period and from 2-5.99 they accrue 4 hours a pay period and so on. This is all based on time worked Years/Months).


Ability to set up accruals based on time but also based on hours worked. Many companies that accrue vacation for part-time employees are like this. So after they work 480 hours, they start accruing leave at .05 per hour work, then they get a bump after they work 2080 to .1 per hour worked then another bump in accruals after working 4160 hours.
Maximum and Carry Over Can set a maximum amount of hours the employee can have at any given time (i.e. once they get 200 they will stop accruing). However, with HR there is not a carryover process. Example: the employee can accrue an unlimited amount but only carry over 200. With HR we need to run a report and then manually take away hours from the employees that are over. With PTO manager, you can set both time maximums and carryover amounts. You can set an unlimited any time max, but then say they can only carry over 200 hours from one year to the next. The carryover can be based on either December 31 or the employee’s anniversary date.


Hours Pending HR has no process to handle pending vacation hours (hours the employee accrued but can’t use until a date) You can set up an hours-pending accrual. Employee will accrual vacation/sick hours but they will go into a “Pending” Bucket.  On Jan 1st or their anniversary date, it will then transfer from pending to available.


Features in Advanced Payroll

  1. Pay Policy Manager- This adjusts the employees pay rate depending on the Paycode, Department, Position, Division, or Shift the employee works in. This is useful if your employees get paid different rates depending on which Job, Department, Shift they are working
  2. Payroll Hours to General Ledger- This will post hours worked to unit accounts in the general ledger. This is useful if you want to allocate expenses across departments based on the hours worked for each department.
  3. Labor Accrual Manager- Automatically accrues payroll expenses at month end or year end for pay periods that cross them.
  4. Advanced Labor Reporting- Expands FTE reporting; you can create FTE budgets for departments, create variance FTE reports, and report FTE equivalent on Productive or Non-Productive employees.

Extended Human Resources and Payroll Pack includes:

  • HR Advanced
  • Payroll Advanced
  • PTO Manager
  • Benefits Self Service Suite

For more information, contact Stoneridge Software.

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