The Importance of a Quick & Easy Dynamics GP Implementation

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Having a quick and easy implementation for Microsoft Dynamics GP is important to your business, your customers, your users, and of course, your wallet. Maybe you are a brand new company jumping feet first into Microsoft Dynamics GP or you are a successful, established company moving to a larger ERP system, either way implementing can be a daunting task. It's important to complete the implementation as quickly and as easily possibly.


Getting Dynamics GP up and running is important to your business.

You don't want to be without an ERP system or trying to maintain your original accounting system while trying to enter information in the new system as well. There are many other things your users can be doing. Dual entry can slow down the users which can also slow down responses to customers. Also, be sure to spend the time to properly train the users so they know how to use the new system and are using it correctly.


Spending too much time on an implementation can become quite costly very quickly.

The longer it takes, the more money you put in to it. To help alleviate the time, be sure to adequately plan for the implementation. Know what needs to be done, who is going to do it, and when it can be completed. This will help keep things running smoothly and make it easier when you do encounter those bumps in the road.


To help you keep your implementation on track, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Plan out the implementation and include a timeline. Include everything associated with the implementation including customizations and training. Define what the implementation will entail and set realistic time frames for completion. While you can't always predict the bumps you can provide the cushion to help. Keep in mind, there isn't one simple implementation plan to follow. You need to determine your plan since every business is different with different requirements, needs and wants.


  1. Avoid scope creep. This is often the demise of a good implementation and what causes them to drag on and on...and on. Your users may provide suggestions, things they want, and things they absolutely need throughout the implementation which then require new customizations and modifications. Prioritize those things that need to be done right away and complete others that are less urgent at a later time. You may actually find you don't need them once the system is being used.


  1. Budget time and resources, but most importantly, have those involved check in regularly. Make sure the project is moving along and alleviate any roadblocks that have been encountered. Verify the resources are getting their tasks done.


  1. Utilize existing tools to make the implementation process more efficient. Here are some great tools you can use:
  • Rapid Implementation Tool
  • Implementation Guide
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP User Groups


  1. Avoid pitfalls. Lacking leadership roles, poor communication, and not knowing the business process are some of the biggest pitfalls a company may encounter. Having a Project Manager to guide the project and make sure communication is occurring between those involved is important. Having someone who knows the business process of the organization is key to a successful and rapid implementation.


Following these tips during your implementation will help you on the road to a quick and easy implementation. You can always expect a bump or two in that road but it will help you avoid those deep ruts and sink holes.


The importance of a quick and easy implementation rings true when it comes to third-party products as well. For example, take a look at Rockton Software's google-style search tool, SmartFill. This add-on product couldn't be easier to install and over 20,000 Dynamics GP users can back that up! Watch this short video on the simple and easy SmartFill installation, whether for a free 30-day trial period or full registration keys. For more information, contact Rockton Software at


These tips provided by Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist at Rockton Software.

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