Small and medium sized manufacturing companies get IT beaten up by competition.

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According to more industry interest groups, they are lagged behind in the race to invest in IT solutions and new technology.

Some companies are well underway utilizing new IT-technology, and others will follow down the road, some will not. This post is merely about the fact that many manufacturing companies have not "put order in own house”, and thus lacking a solid foundation for moving forward. The question is not just about buying a multi-million-dollar CNC machine, adopt IOT and 4th generation technology.

After watching this movie, you will be able to decide which category of the above, your company belongs to.

So, based on the important “crankshaft” – the enterprise business system or ERP system, I will particularly like to address one big “Why” on the low IT utilization. Finally, there are few tips for possible improvements.

Watch the movie here. Duration is only 6 minutes. See video

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