Digitizing Inventory Management - RFID or Barcoding?

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Business is growing and inventory has finally surpassed your ability to manage it by hand. Higher volumes, a growing array of products and fast-moving items have become too time-consuming for your warehouse team to manage on a daily basis. It’s time to digitize the process, but you need to choose between radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcoding. While each digital tool has advantages, only one excels at inventory and asset tracking.

Both RFID and barcoding have their place and success in many settings. As noted in “RFID vs Barcodes for Microsoft Dynamics GP,” RFID was making headlines in the early 2000s as a powerful device that could track items across an enterprise. In theory, a box or pallet containing items that are tagged with RFID doesn’t need to be opened to verify or count the contents. Unfortunately, RFID tags and tracking hardware are costly and can’t be used in all warehouse settings. Metal containers and liquids interfere with signals. In addition, while you can read many tags at once, it becomes more difficult to isolate specific items in a loading bay or warehouse. With multiple items in close proximity to each other, it’s difficult to identify specific items for order fulfillment, for example. RFID tags are beneficial for tracking costly equipment and other assets. When it comes to tracking fast-moving inventory, barcoding gains the clear advantage.

Gain Real-Time Inventory Insight with PanatrackerGP

Barcode technology streamlines inventory management and provides real-time insight into inventory levels and location. PanatrackerGP is a flexible and scalable inventory solution that can be embedded within Microsoft Dynamics GP, strengthening the inventory management functionality. Barcode item labels can be printed automatically to monitor the life of the inventory. Instead of writing down and manually keying in lines of serial and lot numbers, your team can scan items faster and be confident that inventory data is accurate and current. Handheld barcode scanners are used to capture inventory transactions at the point and time that they occur. Data is automatically validated against and updated within the host Dynamics GP database. As a result, your procurement, production and sales teams can have real-time insight into inventory movement.

Automating inventory tracking with PanatrackerGP barcoding will save valuable time and improve productivity throughout your organization. Your leaders will be able to quickly access current inventory data to make strategic data-driven decisions about purchases, scheduling production or when making promises to customers. Contact Panatrack for additional information and guidance with choosing between RFID and barcoding technology to manage inventory and assets across your organization.

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