Real Estate Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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This article focuses on dashboards for real estate companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Visualization enhances your performance; helps reach your potential, increases focus, boosts confidence, and so much more. Think about your favorite professional athletes. For example, tennis player Serena Williams has practiced visualization techniques. In this case, it makes sense to apply visuals to your financial reports and presentations. Think about receiving a stack of spreadsheets full of data. This is where a dashboard comes into play. The amount of data being created each day continues to grow immensely. If your company wants to make informed decisions, your company leaders need to be able to access and interpret data in real-time. The ability to act quickly on the data has become a competitive differentiator. A dashboard uses visuals to summarize a large amount of data.

Dashboards are defined as charts, graphs, and scorecards that convey data trends, successes, and problem areas with key performance indicators (KPIs), whether you are looking at a product, a specific department, or the entire company. Real estate companies can benefit tremendously. Dashboards exist to make sense of your data in one snapshot in a customized format that allows the end user to view any metric he/she wants.

With a dashboard solution, real estate companies can view their information in one location using visuals that enhance operational efficiency by making more informed business decisions in a short amount of time. Historical data can be produced to identify past successes and challenges. Also, real-time data can be used to forecast the power of current business decisions based on future company goals. Since data is reported in real-time, any challenges in the future can be identified and resolved quickly. It is also common to have multiple, easy-to-read dashboards, as opposed to having one dashboard and packing information and visuals into it. This will help your end users to know exactly the information they find on each dashboard.

The right dashboard will transform the success in running a real estate company by identifying relevant information from your sources, predicting results early on, eliminating any inaccurate data, and enhancing decision-making for your company. Your company can track information over specific periods of time, monitor current company performance, and summarize important company data by using aesthetically-pleasing visuals such as graphs, charts, and other features.

There are several technology platforms to consider when looking to invest in a dashboard. A large number of real estate companies are looking for web-based tools, including browser-based dashboard solutions, both on-premises and/or in the cloud. Web-based solutions provide access from anywhere you have internet access. There are also mobile dashboard applications for real estate agents who are usually on-the-go and traveling frequently. There are some dashboard solutions that combine Excel, mobile, and web types of data access.

Modern dashboard tools offer powerful and easy-to-use features and functionalities to access, interpret, and understand company data for better decision-making.

To learn more about dashboards for real estate companies using Dynamics GP, click here.



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