Optimize Your Spending Culture with Ariett and Amazon Business: Webinar 3/8

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Do your employees go through a drawn-out process searching for laptops, binders and other office supplies and then emailing back and forth with their department manager for approval? Your employees do a stellar job, so why not reward them with an eProcurement solution that will help them to buy faster, smarter and with the appropriate level of approval?

Ariett’s eProcurement software for Dynamics GP teams up with Amazon Business to provide a seamless purchasing experience for employees. If you missed our first webinar on this topic, please join us this Wednesday for a webinar with an Amazon Business guest speaker.

Learn how to get started: Join Ariett’s Webinar, Wednesday, 3/8 at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

Ariett’s eProcurement solution connects your employees to Amazon Business via cXML PunchOut. From a requisition, you simply click the PunchOut button to shop directly on the Amazon Business online marketplace. Offering five million items with business pricing and 30,000 business vendors, Amazon Business delivers smart purchasing options to customers. Upon checkout, Ariett automatically generates a requisition ready for review and approval.

Ariett and Amazon Business together not only remove purchasing headaches for employees but also provide managers with end-to-end control over spending. An approver on her phone receives an email notification and clicks to view all requisitions pending approval in Ariett. Checking the requisition amount and calculated budget availability, she approves and moves on with her workday.

And of course, accounts payable is in a good mood because Ariett covers the complete purchase to payment process with ERP system integration, making it unnecessary to rekey in data into the accounting system. Ariett completes a PO-receipt-invoice match and accounting can post approved invoices from Ariett to your ERP system.

This educational webinar will explain in further detail the benefits of Ariett’s PunchOut integration as well as the simple Amazon Business on-boarding process. Sign up today!

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Ariett generates savings on every contract, requisition, invoice, expense report and payment with a modern, unified procurement platform. For more information, please visit www.ariett.com, call 781-826-1120 or connect with Ariett on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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