Media Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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In this article, we’ll explore media dashboard solutions to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics GP data analytics. 

As a media organization, whether your focus is television, radio, the internet, or another medium, a comprehensive dashboard tool can substantially help you to achieve disruption, based on real metrics.  Dashboards deliver accessible and business user friendly analytics with charts, graphs, and scorecards that highlight trajectories, wins, and challenges via key performance indicators (KPIs) and your information to enrich management decision-making for a department, a project, and/or your entire media organization.

Salesforce conducted a survey for their 2015 State of Marketing, and the results pinpoint three technologies that are essential to producing a cohesive customer experience, including mobile applications, marketing analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Over the past couple of years, the trend of moving from traditional mass advertising to digital media has intensified for media companies working to get customers to interact with brands they’re representing.  In today’s business culture, consumers are seeking a complete customer experience.  Using a dashboard tool enables media companies to reap the benefits of using intel to not only assist their team with better analytics, but can also connect a customer to information that makes for a memorable experience.  More specifically, data consolidation, better analyses, relevant data visualizations, and smarter, quicker decision-making abilities help you pinpoint patterns for overall success.

Dashboards can pull your media company data from multiple sources so you can see what the completed puzzle looks like, without having to access your applications and systems library.  If you are looking for user friendly and real-time analyses of your accounting data, you can depend on the native dashboard functionality with your Dynamics GP system.  Dashboards help make sense of your data in one snapshot in a customized format that allows the end user to view any metric.

A great dashboard will revolutionize both your wins and related enjoyment in managing a media organization by pinpointing relevant data from your data sources, doing away with all inaccurate and redundant data, predicting results early on and improving decision-making for your company.  Using straightforward and aesthetically pleasing visuals, such as a chart, a graph, or a scorecard, your organization can monitor data over particular time periods, track current company performance, campaign costs, and summarize important key performance indicators.  Dashboards are very modifiable and interpretable in many ways, so in that sense, dashboards are a vehicle of analytics that are intuitive for any user.  Therefore, your dashboards should provide an easy navigation through company data.  More organizations are implementing commercial dashboard solutions, but are facing some hurdles due to information overload or lack of experience.  As with anything in life, too much of anything can turn out poorly.  If there are too many visuals or too much information, your dashboard won’t be as effective for the viewer.

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