Top bet for streamlining equipment rental processes: DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX

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What’s most important to have at hand when you’re focused on equipment rental? Well, you’re working in a multi-channel marketplace, with rental offerings that likely come from multiple sources, and your business model is that a single offering is going to be used by multiple customers over its lifecycle. Just as important, you need to be ready to execute multiple equipment rental processes either simultaneously or as part of a quick and predictable process flow. So, you want a rental solution that gives you the best possible access to information and the best possible tools for executing daily operations.

HiGH Software can offer that with DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX. Our solution is embedded from the start in Dynamics, so it shares all information with your business database. Your rental desk works with graphical dashboards that provide complete, well-organized overviews about current orders, quotes and equipment availability, service needs, resources—you name it. Within seconds your staff can drill back to granular details related to any aspect of a rental offering. This “multi-faceted” approach to data visibility is essential to effective, profitable rental allocation and customer service.

equipment rental processesImage 1: DynaRent Rental Management cock-pit

Along with visibility and quick insight, DynaRent sharply reduce time and effort for actual rental operations. The traditional approach to handling equipment rental is hard to justify in a world where responsive service is pretty much “Everything right now” service. By traditional we refer to a customer requesting equipment, the clerk taking the request, and then following up as soon as possible with results. The problem is that in many cases there’s an exception that can only be resolved through a linear search—for example, the clerk checks availability, sees that a sub-rental is needed, needs to check pricing and margins and possibly recalculate, then call back the customer with a proposed change. That’s just one example.

As we’ve already noted, DynaRent gives you rich graphical visibility, and also tools for instantly searching through availability and pricing for equipment that a customer is requesting. Users can immediately find a match if one exists. They’ll also be able to locate sub-rentals, equipment sourced from other depots, margins, etc., with all information organized as a complete rental offering. Prompts and suggestions let them suggest appropriate cross-sells or up-sells. Within a single interaction, they can process a complex rental request and utilize Graphical Quick Order Entry to present or send the customer a detailed rental order.

equipment rental processesImage 2: DynaRent Equipment Rental Processes Overview

At the end of a single phone call or communication, the customer will have a confirmation number in their inbox and everything related to the rental will be recorded in both DynaRent and Microsoft Dynamics. And best of all, all rental information feeds automatically into the full lifecycle management records for equipment. Daily rental tasks fuel long-term operational management—that the power of information access and automation in DynaRent.

If you’re interested in talking about your company’s specific needs for equipment rental and services, mobile and on premise, HiGH Software would welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Contact us at or visit

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