How to Streamline Supply Chain Management, Gain Greater Insights

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Understanding the supply chain is often easier said than done, especially during periods of business growth. Expanding product lines and growing customer demands put pressure on many parts of your organization and, without fortifying supply chain management, a weak link can bring this newfound growth to a complete halt.

Experiencing business growth is great, but it often comes with many challenges for your hard-working team. Increasing production capacity and expanding product lines requires a whole new level of insight with inventory management and production scheduling. Your production and procurement leaders need to work closer together, with current data, in order to be able to forecast business needs and plan operations efficiently. If you are still relying on outdated, disparate software, then this collaboration becomes even more difficult. Data is stuck in silos, difficult to reach and even more difficult to use in a timely way to strategize inventory and production operations.

Take A Proactive Stance and Prepare For Growth With Microsoft Dynamics GP

Modern ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, provide businesses with the communication and collaboration tools needed to work closer together to achieve corporate goals. Each of the moving parts of your organization can use this comprehensive, integrated solution to capture, monitor and analyze key data. Centralizing core business data including finances, customer orders, inventory and supplier details, as well as manufacturing and distribution operations, puts important data at the fingertips of the very people that need it.

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes dashboards, detailed reporting options, and other business intelligence features which highlight key performance indicators and important metrics. Your sales, procurement and production teams, for example, can monitor sales and customer information to identify trending products. With this insight, procurement can forecast potential inventory needs and production can coordinate manufacturing schedules accordingly. Working together, your teams will be able to ensure you have the right amount of inventory, at the right time, and schedule manufacturing activities to meet customer demands. In addition, stronger inventory management and more efficient production operations will cut costs and optimize labor, both of which contribute to stronger profit margins.

Take a proactive stance and prepare for continuous growth by fortifying your supply chain and arming your skilled workers with a more powerful management solution. Contact OTT, Inc. for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics GP to streamline operations and provide the insight you need to strengthen your business.

By OTT, Inc., Microsoft Dynamics Partner Minnesota

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