Setting up your Security for Success in Dynamics GP

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We can all agree that security in your Dynamics GP is of the utmost importance. Typically, the responsibility of setting up and maintaining that security falls to the GP Administrator.

Calling all GP Admins, this one’s for you!


We highly recommend taking the time to understand the Users’ roles in the company and setting up Security based on their roles. This reinforces that Users are performing their job and duties correctly and you limit risk.

So let’s cover a few of the basics…

When setting up each User, it’s important to discuss which windows and reports they need Security access to. Once you’ve identified where each user fits, you have a four step process:

  1. Create Security Tasks specific to the actions they’re performing. Keep each Security Task unique, such as if a User needs to enter Payroll transactions, create a Security Task called Payroll_Trx_Entry.
  2. Now, create Security Roles specific to the roles in your company. For example: a User manages the Payroll department. For this Security Role, you could name it Payroll_Mgr.
  3. Then, assign the appropriate Security Task(s) to the Security Role(s).
  4. Lastly, assign the Security Roles created to the Users.


Over time, you might find Users needing access to different windows or reports. We suggest verifying that they should have security to it, then reviewing which current Security Task and Security Role has access to it. Once you’ve vetted the request, create and/or assign security as needed.

What about adding new users?

We know what you’re thinking, “Do I really have to start all over?” Good news, you don’t! When creating new Users in the system who will be working in the same roles as other Users, reduce the security set up time by using the Copy features in the User Setup window.


These tips are courtesy of the Rockton Software Support team. If you want more tips, check out our free eBook for Dynamics GP Admins. You can download here.

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