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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Equipment Rental Management Software

If you rent out equipment in construction, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, or any other type of mobile equipment, then you likely depend on an ERP system to manage your complex billing and contract scenarios. Your industry-specific challenges may be addressed by equipment rental management software, but does it flow seamlessly into your ERP and CRM processes? Or perhaps you’re managing rental using a highly customized ERP. What happens if these customizations are incompatible with future upgrades, integrations or software replacements?

Your ERP and CRM solutions should not be islands. Integrated with your other applications, these business-critical systems can tie together your cross-departmental processes to sales, service and financials. Microsoft Dynamics 365 underscores this goal, providing a common data model and platform between all your applications to simplify your workloads.

To learn about integrated rental management software, download our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Rental Management fact sheet.

Understanding equipment rental challenges: Manual processes and inaccurate info

Rental management includes extensive business processes that usually begin with the configuration of your inventory details, including maintenance requirements, the configuration of rental contracts and terms, and integrating those requirements with sales and service processes. There are many possible bottlenecks along the way that could be caused by:

  • Outdated or unreliable data about equipment availability, which leads to missed opportunities and poor customer service.
  • Data from multiple systems has to be used and updated in tandem.
  • Problems in adapting to company growth as well as evolving requirements.

Getting a complete handle on your operations requires a fully-integrated rental management solution that provides powerful features in concert with your ERP and CRM. Turnkey’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Rental solution offers this single platform, including:

1) Sophisticated asset management

Your mobile goods are your bread and butter, so it only makes sense that you know where they are, their utilization, and their maintenance requirements. You can even take your services to the next level by connecting your goods to the Internet of Things to monitor usage and service needs. Dynamics 365 integrates robust asset and inventory management with sales, financials and even field service.

2) Flexible billing and invoicing

Do you charge by the hour, unit or by the level of usage? Terms and billing can be easily adjusted for excess usage and to invoice or bill according to customer preferences.

3) Everything you need to prepare a new sale

Rental operations are far different from standard sales operations. A customer purchase must incorporate their rental terms, equipment status, and the costs of inspecting and preparing equipment before it is approved for service. Turnkey’s Dynamics 365 for Rental solution not only provides sophisticated rental sales functionality, but connects all of this data to simplify and streamline your processes so you can serve your customers faster.

4) Integrated field service, scheduling and maintenance

Your customers don’t want their equipment to break down on the job. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates comprehensive field service with your entire organization, simplifying scheduling, job routing, inventory management and mobile billing.

Simplify your equipment rental processes

Turnkey’s Dynamics 365 for Equipment Rental Management solution maps your entire rental process chain with the rest of your organization, including financials, operations, sales, project service, field service and customer service. Streamline your processes for:

  • Bulk or individual rental
  • Subcontractor rentals
  • Rental cancellation
  • Sale of rental
  • Rental exchange
  • Storage relocation
  • Large for small
  • Guarantee and insurance management
  • Order-specific service and project services
  • Skills and qualifications management

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can take the complexity out of your equipment and rental operations.

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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Gold Microsoft Dynamics Partner for Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas.

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