HealthBack Strengthens ACA Compliance Efforts With Technology

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HealthBack Strengthens ACA Compliance Efforts With TechnologySpecialized staff at HealthBack provide personalized home health services to homebound patients in four states, operating out of 36 branch locations. Nearly 800 employees work across multiple branches and each may work part or full time, hourly or salary, temporary or on call—which creates complications for payroll and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting. While it seems like a tall order, HealthBack was able to find one solution that could reliably manage a high number of variable employees, establish eligibility for ACA, calculate costs, and automatically generate the required IRS and employee reports.

As discussed in “Large Multi-Entity Home Health Provider Tackles Complex ACA Compliance With Ease,” Sabrina  Spencer, HealthBack COO, knew quickly that compliance with the ACA was going to be difficult to say the least. The ACA requires capturing and monitoring a large volume and variety of data for hundreds of employees. With multiple EIN numbers, variable hours, part-time and full-time employees, and calculations to determine the cost of health insurance for each employee, ACA compliance wouldn’t be easy.

Manually managing this information was out of the question for HealthBack so Sabrina turned to a number of vendors in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community for guidance. It didn’t take long for her to find her way to Integrity Data. HealthBack already relied on several of Integrity Data’s payroll enhancements so adding their ACA solution made sense. After collaborating with experts at Integrity Data, she was confident that the ACA solution could handle their highly complicated situation.

Remain ACA Compliant With ACA Compliance Solution

HealthBack was able to import data from Microsoft Dynamics GP into the ACA Compliance solution and the system automatically coded and populated IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C. Then, HealthBack was able to prepare employee statements and e-File with the IRS within respective deadlines. The finance team can confidently track eligibility and affordability of coverage for all employees on a monthly basis, which was a significant concern that comes with costly penalties for noncompliance.

Certainly not all businesses will have the complicated payroll processes seen with HealthBack. However, managing data required by the ACA can be a complicated process in and of itself, which shouldn’t be trusted to manual or paper-based processes. Contact Integrity Data for more information about this easy, automated ACA Compliance solution and other time-saving payroll enhancements.

By Integrity Data, ACA Compliance Solution Provider out of Illinois

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