How DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations can erase 3 top complaints from car rental customers

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Car rental, in particular short-term rental, is evolving into an experience of ease and convenience for customers, but the keyword is evolving. Synchronizing customer demand, vehicle availability, contract details, and dozens of other factors across multiple locations—it’s challenging.

DynaRent: What’s even more challenging is that car rental is looked upon more and more by customers as a “convenience retail” experience. They’re not buying a car—they just want to drive one. Of course, they have preferences and requirements, but they want a straightforward, consistent, quick rental transaction. Their expectation is that you’ll give them what they want, when they want it, at the price they expect.

It’s not surprising that the top issues customers experience with car rental aren’t major issues with the vehicles themselves. They’re about unwelcome surprises and delays. According to Sunny Cars, a Netherlands-based rental firm that does business across most of Europe, there are 3 major irritations that prevent customers from having a satisfying car rental experience:

  1. Additional unanticipated costs, such as compulsory insurance
  2. Not getting the car model and type reserved
  3. Waiting in long lines or queues to pick up the car

Simply put, it’s clear that like all customers, rental car customers want clarity around costs and conditions! The wrinkle is that there is more involved in renting a car than in buying an off-the-rack coat with a price tag. The goal should be for your company to offer all options for liability, availability, and pick-up within a brisk transaction and be able to stick to your promises. If issues come up, your back-office should be able to handle those quickly, without disrupting the customer experience.

"DynaRent Car Rental for Dynamics 365 Operations is designed for those goals, delivering tools that lead to a transparent car rental offering for your customer."

Whether they’re using self-service or working with a representative, DynaRent Car Rental for Dynamics 365 Operations offers intuitive choices, ensures that all conditional products and costs are included or proposed, and presents real-time cost calculations. Graphical planning and ability to search and make changes instantly relieve availability pressures. Just as important, full insight into all aspects of your fleet help ensure accurate timing for reservation pickups and avoid logjams.

Up-front car rental overviews for your customer

  • To start, the customer has a complete overview of rental costs and conditions—for example, who can drive, maximum fuel usage, damage waivers, and other potential liabilities. They are presented with a clear view of insurance options and coverage. Total costs estimated are accurate for the scenario proposed. That means no unpleasant surprises before, during, or after the rental period.
  • There’s added benefit to DynaRent’s transparent approach. You can configure your solution to propose relevant upsell products for the car rental, such as child seats, navigation, and rear-seat entertainment packages.

Flexibility that ensures you meet car rental promises

DynaRent Car Rental for Dynamics 365 Operations is built on the principle that “I’m sorry, we can’t help you” is not an option when a customer reserves/orders a rental car. It offers both “hard” and “soft” reservations on a specific car, which bolsters clarity for the customer and for your business—you know the limits of flexibility and can set priorities so that you meet promises.

DynaRent Car Rental for Dynamics 365 Operations
Image 1: Graphical Equipment Availability in DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations

If an issue arises and a specific car is unavailable, you’ll have strong functionality that supports ability to find alternatives that satisfy impatient or exacting customers:

  • Search for the same type of car in another location or nearby depot
  • Search for the same type of car in maintenance—for example, a periodic inspection that could be executed on the spot
  • Search for an upgrade to the same type of car that still meets all criteria (a 4-door rather than 2-door that sticks to request for automatic transmission)
  • Sub-rent the same type of car from a third-party, thanks to interfaces with real-time communications

Back-office visibility for proactive and ad hoc car rental control

Planners can take in a lot of information with ease using DynaRent graphical dashboards, which helps you take full advantage of your total fleet to meet specific customer requirements. Planners can assess and take action on needs with fleet overviews that cover availability:

  • Per country,
  • Per region
  • Per depot,
  • Per car category,
  • Per car feature (i.e. manual shift/automatic or built-in navigation
  • Per size, model, optimal usage scenario, etc. ….

What’s your parameter or dependency that you want to filter for? For both high-level views and granular drilldown, DynaRent Car Rental for Dynamics 365 Operations can be configured to give you the exact information you need to assess your fleet “bandwidth” and how best to work with vehicle availability.

Quick drilldowns will give planners or representatives the specifics they need for individual vehicles so that they can offer a car with confidence or locate one that meets the same criteria from another location and arrange for it, if appropriate. DynaRent Car Rental for Dynamics 365 Operations lets you track ongoing rental periods via orders and quotations, (periodic) service and maintenance jobs, and locations. A few examples of quick lookup insight include:

  • Technical availability (i.e. is the car damaged?)
  • Transactional availability (do orders/quotations exist for the car and/or is service & maintenance planned for the car?)
  • Physical location-based availability (where is the car located?)

Result? Built-in elimination of the top 3 customer irritations for car rental

DynaRent’s customer-facing capabilities combine with back office tools to make booking or reserving a car fast and easy. All car rental costs, conditions, insurance options, and upsell opportunities are included and calculated. On the back end, planners and reps have all the information and tools needed to make changes on the fly, and monitor fleets and depots for accurate pick-up times. Most important, you can make flexibility a tool that helps you meet the toughest customer’s needs in the face of issues you didn’t anticipate. We help you expect the unexpected and manage change with expert efficiency.

DynaRent Car Rental for Dynamics 365 Operations
Image 2: DynaRent modulair solution suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations

Intrigued? Learn more about DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations. Download our latest fact sheet here and we encourage you to email for a custom demo of our solution.

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