5 Solutions to Enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution

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5 Solutions to Enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution
Website Pipeline, Salespad, and Dynavistics meet at GPUG to discuss solutions for Dynamics GP


Every business needs a system with features and functionalities that manage their core business needs. Right out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics GP software accomplishes most of this – it has tools to successfully manage everyday processes, including financial reporting, payroll, invoicing, and more. Why, then, do independent software vendors (ISVs) invest in the development of third-party products? Do these applications provide real value or are they more trouble than they’re worth?


While Microsoft Dynamics GP’s functionality is vast, not all businesses function the same way, which opens the door for ISVs to enter the market with new tools that address unique business requirements. Most of today’s tools make it easy to share and consolidate data via user-friendly applications and third-party ISV products. These integrations also provide a variety of benefits, ranging from time and cost savings to reducing human error and duplicate data.


With so many tools and applications available, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right one. To help you narrow things down, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 recommended applications, broken down by category, that we know will improve the way you do business.

Data Masons (Category: EDI)

Data Masons specializes in industry-specific, turnkey EDI solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Their fully automated Vantage Point EDI solution supports every feature and business process within GP and includes a plug-and-play setup that eliminates the need for platform customizations and allows for fast, cost-effective execution. Vantage Point EDI also supports all major document standards (EDI, XML, and flat files) and provides over fifty integrated documents.

In addition, Data Masons supports direct, no-fee trading as well as a connection to value-added network services. This allows users the option to enlist in Data Masons’ full-service compliance and EDI management or to manage mapping on their own terms.

Website Pipeline (Category: Customer Self-Service)

Designed to meet the unique eCommerce needs of distribution companies, Website Pipeline offers GP-integrated B2B customer self-service portals. The portals allow your customers to search product catalogs, place orders based on their unique pricing, track orders and shipments, view and pay invoices, manage their account information, and more – anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Service portals also help drive new sales and increase revenue from existing customers by providing 24-hour online access for instant interactions and the ability to connect with your business at their convenience.


SalesPad (Category: Data Collection)

SalesPad, LLC provides a premier add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP, delivering easy-to-use tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales, customer service, and distribution teams. SalesPad’s DataCollection for GP is a robust inventory management tool that expedites internal inventory management processes. Users can receive, track, and perform accurate stock counts using hand-held barcode scanners, which results in optimized inventory management, accelerated inventory transactions, and eliminating errors in data entry.

Avalara (Category: Sales Tax Management)

Superior supply chain functions and efficiencies are the trademarks of a successful distribution company; success is accomplished by spotting vulnerabilities early on and by creating tax-efficient procurement processes that protect your business within the supply chain’s high-risk audit environment.

The more relationships you have with suppliers, resellers, drop shippers, and customers, the more complicated compliance can get.

Avalara supports your compliance efforts by automating sales tax rate calculation, certificate management, and return filing and remitting – quickly and accurately, right from the cloud.

Dynavistics (Category: Collections Management)

Dynavistics is a leading provider of enterprise software and turnkey consulting for growing businesses. Software features include collections, delivery, and trade promotion management as well as wholesale and distribution solutions that easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. Dynavistics' breakthrough services and solutions also work to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability by automating routine processes, improving productivity, and enabling business growth. Built-in, customizable collection strategies and prioritized collection tasks also help reduce bad debt and improve cash flow, helping you build a strong foundation for future business growth.


There are numerous ISVs in the marketplace that offer other solutions. Your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner will have the best knowledge of which solutions would best fit your business or if you can function at optimal performance levels with the out-of-the-box functionality.


Incorporating a fully integrated, industry-specific application with Microsoft Dynamics GP puts you in the best position to reap the benefits of a best-in-class integrated ERP system. If your business is contemplating the use of third-party products, the experts at Dynavistics would love to discuss their available options most suited to your business needs.

Contact Dynavistics today for more information.


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