Strengthen Inventory Management and Support Growth with ERP

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Growing manufacturers and distributors may soon find that entry-level and specialty software are no longer able to efficiently manage inventory. As product offerings and volumes increase, it becomes more difficult to keep track of inventory as it comes into the warehouse or as it’s shipped to customers. Replace physical counts and other manual processes with the time-saving automations offered in a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Manually reconciling paper inventory order forms with shipments that arrive at the warehouse on a daily basis is time consuming. Walking up and down warehouse aisles performing physical inventory counts is even more time consuming. Manufacturers and distributors that are experiencing periods of growth need all hands on deck manufacturing products and fulfilling orders, not buried in stacks of paperwork or sorting through boxes. There is a more effective and reliable way to manage inventory that will also improve labor management, and it starts with replacing manual processes with automated ones.

Replace Manual Systems With ERP to Save Time and Money

Replace inefficient software systems and processes with a robust ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP. This powerful, integrated solution will connect all of your core business processes and provide greater insight and control over inventory. You can manage financial operations, manufacturing and distribution operations, and the sales process within Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as inventory and the supply chain. Centralizing this information within ERP provides new insights you couldn’t get with disparate systems.

Dashboards and other business intelligence features within Microsoft Dynamics GP offer an easy way to visualize and monitor key data. You can follow sales orders, for example, and identify product or seasonal trends. Dive deeper into inventory movement and differentiate fast-moving from slow-moving inventory. This valuable information can then be used to forecast potential sales and production needs, while also giving you greater control over inventory processes. You can establish safety buffer inventory levels to avoid stock-outs or needless overstocking. You can also arrange the warehouse in a way that improves productivity during both the shipping and receiving processes.

Save time and money by getting greater control over inventory management. Replace manual and disparate systems with an integrated ERP solution. Contact OTT for guidance with choosing and deploying ERP to support continued growth.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

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