Is Your Outmoded ERP Jeopardizing Your Business Growth?

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When businesses fail to thrive and grow, a number of factors may be to blame. But one thing that should never hold you back is your ERP system. You invested in ERP in the first place to help you streamline and refine your business processes and give you a competitive edge. But is it still doing that? Or has your ERP become outmoded?

Is your business running on outdated technology?


Our ERP experts at Western Computer are frequently consulted by business owners trying to get up to date technology out of out of date ERP systems. We’re talking here about solutions that are not just a version or two behind, but about systems that were in use before smartphones, the Cloud, and in some cases, before there was the internet. Needless to say, a lot has changed; and if your technology hasn’t kept up, no doubt your business is suffering because of it.


Is your data up to date?

One of the limitations of an antiquated ERP system is its inability to produce relevant data. To keep up with the rapid changes in trends and markets, you need current, continuously updated information. Last year’s figures will do little good today. Real-time data keeps you on top of trends, points out opportunities and spurs innovation and advancement.

With outmoded ERP systems, data must be entered manually, or worse yet, compiled from various spreadsheets and reports. That is not only a waste of time and resources but is an invitation to errors and is certainly no guarantee that everyone is on the same page, seeing the same big picture. It may take days or weeks to get this kind of data into usable reports. Decisions are delayed; questions are left unanswered. If your organization is running on spreadsheets and instinct, that is a sure sign that your ERP is outmoded and that it’s slowing your growth.

If your data is out of date, you’re going to be left behind.


Is your business proactive?

Make your business proactive. Modern ERP systems allow you to capture and evaluate real-time information so you can identify conditions before they become problems. With advance alerts and notification, your business can be on top of inventory, maintenance, and changing market conditions while there is time to do something about them.

If your business is not proactive, you’re going to be left behind.


Does your ERP support mobility?

We are now a mobile society, and business has had to adjust to that. People rely on their phones and devices for everything from communication to accessing business processes. Does your ERP support this mobile business culture or are you missing out on opportunities? If you have sales and service teams in the field, can you instantly provide them with the data, order processing, and routing information they need? Can you support remote offices and workers?

If your ERP doesn’t support mobility, you’re going to be left behind.

So now is the time to take a good look at your ERP. Is it doing all it could do to help you grow your business and remain competitive in today’s marketplace? Our ERP experts at Western Computer can help you identify applications and processes that may be slowing you down and keeping your business from thriving. We offer a free system audit during which our consultants apply industry-specific business knowledge as well as software expertise to identify areas where your organization can benefit from a modernized ERP solution. And we’ll help you chart the path to get there.

If you’re ready to explore ways today’s ERP systems can transform your business, contact Western Computer today.

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