Media Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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In this article, today’s powerful reporting options for media companies utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP will take center stage, with a focus on how to find the best tool for you. 

Financial reporting is essential in business today.  Every company is doing it, whether you have a homegrown Excel process, an older software, the built-in Microsoft Dynamics GP reporting component, or an independent software vendor (ISV) tool.  Of course, the media industry is also relying on financial reporting.  In regard to process improvement, overhauling your report writing tasks with a modern tool looks like automated reports, sound security, accessible tech-driven teamwork, and self-service business intelligence (BI).  In this article, we’ll discuss what you should be seeking in a reporting tool to meet modern analytical goals, focusing on what a report writer should deliver for a media organization using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Let’s begin with a few overarching criteria that you should be looking for in a report writer.  Maybe this one seems like a no-brainer, but ease of use should be priority #1.  As BI and corporate By Solver, www.solverglobal.comdia companies.  Thus, your reporting tool investment should build collaboration, such as shared reports and comments, into the core of feature and functionality offerings.

Obviously, security has to be modern and robust, particularly with more users involved in different types of reporting.  Regardless whether you’re going the on-premise reporting route – or a cloud or web-based solution, security looks like access rights and password-protected content, so that confidential information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.  While there might have been some initial skepticism and straight up concern about cloud security, that has gone away, which should enable you to evaluate some other important factors.  Other aspects to weigh include the platform and interface, integration methods for your diverse media data types, and a standalone tool versus a full suite.

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