Top Three Year-End Close Tips

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Year-End close is the ultimate crunch time! We’re here with three fool proof tips to make this arduous process as painless as possible.


Tip 1: Be Prepared

  • Check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP - 2016 Year - End Blog Series. This is the key to a successful Year End!
  • After reviewing the information in the blog, the IT Team Members and Managers of the specific departments responsible for the Year End process should connect.
  • In the separate IT Manager/Manager discussions, review the blogs specific to the manager’s area of expertise and identify what you need from each other to make the Year End successful. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Partner or Microsoft Dynamics GP Support.


Tip 2: Schedule the Tasks

  • Once each area’s needs are identified, schedule the tasks needed to complete the year end processes through an Outlook calendar request, for example, and invite the appropriate team members (i.e. End Users, Managers, IT team members).
  • In the tasks you have scheduled, provide more details by linking the specific blog from within the Microsoft Dynamics GP - 2016 Year - End Blog Series. For example, provide the following link to the team members involved in performing the General Ledger Year End Process procedures: General Ledger.


Tip 3: Complete the Year End

  • With the tasks scheduled, start your Year End process. Again, use the detailed information provided within the Microsoft Dynamics GP - 2016 Year - End Blog Series.
  • Important note: Always make a complete restorable backup before performing the steps and during the steps where appropriate. For example, in some of the specific year end processes, a backup is recommended a few times throughout the overall process.
  • Once the Year End processes are completed, celebrate the awesome year you had and have a fantastic New Year!


These tips have been provided by the stellar Rockton Software Support team. Wishing all of you a smooth Year-End close and a happy holiday season!


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