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There’s a great local brew pub over the road from my office.  It will come as little surprise to those who know me that my team and I occasionally hold our lunch meetings there.


Last week, the bartender had me try their most recent batch of beer.  He was particularly proud of the batch because he and the rest of the staff had gone out and handpicked the hops that were used to make it.


While I thoroughly enjoyed the beer, the story did get me thinking - what would happen if the batch of hops had produced a weak flavor and they needed to track which barrels of beer it had ended up in?  Could they do it?


Could you?


Assuming you could do it today, how much manpower would it take?  As your craft brewery gets larger, these types of tracking and compliance issues become increasingly important. 


If your brewery was using our Brew It Forward solution, it would be simple.  brew-it-forward-final


Brew It Forward is a suite of products for finance, ecommerce and brewery operations.  With Dynamics GP and VicinityBrew at the core, reporting on things like lot history is a breeze.


When a batch of hops is received at the warehouse, the lot number for the batch is recorded right on the receiving transaction.  That puts the batch into “on hand” inventory, ready to be consumed on the brew log.  In the case of the handpicked batch, there may not have been a PO, but that’s OK.  We would still record the “receipt” of the product.


As you record your brewing results in the Brew Log, the system keeps track of the different lots that were used. Then when you go to transfer from the brew house into the fermenter you can tell the system how much was actually transferred out.  For example, if you yielded 98 barrels, that is recorded as “inventory on hand”. Completing a brew log in the system is simple. It is just recording the quantities that you use and then what actually went into the fermentation tank. 


You would do the exact same thing for a fermentation log as well as the packaging log.  At the end of the day, you can track which batch of hops went into any case of beer in the warehouse through a simple inquiry window.

This functionality also gives you the ability to track yeast genealogy.  When you are lot tracking you can see which lots of yeast went into what fermentation tanks and what bright beer came out of that.  And then when it goes into another fermentation tank you can track the genealogy and the number of generations that you have used of that yeast.


If you are a Craft Brewery that is ready for a software system built for your industry contact us to learn more about Brew It Forward. 289.259.2279 or


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