What Benefits Can Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365 Provide?

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Many companies reach a tipping point where the very tools and systems that supported their initial growth begin to hinder their ability to act with agility and insight. As your business grows, you need to know more about your finances than what basic accounting software, such as QuickBooks, can provide. You know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks when you have to manually combine cross-department or multiple business units’ financial reports to figure out cash flow, budget and forecasting projections, and profitability.


A business solution from Microsoft provides a complete solution for your financials, reporting, and other business operations without the complexity of traditional business software. Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365 together give you a fully integrated, adaptable business management solution that helps you make confident business decisions. Get the information you need to monitor business performance from every angle. Increase financial transparency. Spot opportunities and identify potential problems before they occur. You’ll have a better handle on the numbers and better control of your business.


  • Automate your business processes to handle growth without adding to your cost.
  • Enable a mobile workforce with security-enhanced access anytime, anywhere.
  • Make smarter decisions using Microsoft Power BI charts, dashboards and KPI based on data from Dynamics GP.
  • Resolve data duplication costs and errors with seamless data transfer to and from Dynamics GP and Office 365.
  • Reduce training time with a simple interface and consistent user experience.
  • Focus IT resources on business-building projects instead of managing your technology.
  • Choose how you deploy your software—in the cloud, on your servers, or in a hybrid approach.


As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Accountnet helps companies get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics. We don’t just install and configure the software – we train your accounting staff to use it to create the reports they need, so they can analyze data as needed. Our solutions give both technical and non-technical employees the information they need to do their jobs well — wherever they are, in whatever application they choose to use. Take the next step towards growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud or on your servers—the choice is yours. Contact us at Accountnet to learn more.


Written by Accountnet, Inc.

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