Selecting the Best ERP Software -- How to Make a Big, Scary Decision Simply Easy.

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How does one choose the best ERP software in a world where more choices exist than ever before?  Should your company go for cloud-based ERP software or stick with an on-premise solution?  What about the future?  So many changes are afoot, such as the emergence of 'big data' business intelligence and analytics technologies, the greatly increased mobility of today's workforce, the introduction of a whole new slew of internet/web-enabled devices (called the Internet of Things, or IoT), to name just a few examples; how do you keep up with all of these changes and account for them in your decision-making process?

By the way, we forgot to mention security.  To quote Tom Miller in an article titled 3 ERP Security Risks and What You Should Do about Them, "ERP means one, single system for the whole enterprise.  Security is part keeping it running all day, every day, for everyone and part keeping everyone outside who has no business on the inside.  We have more and more mobile users in our systems today.  These include dedicated mobile devices like scanners and printers.  At the same time we want to connect with our smart phones and tablets from anywhere.  This increase in devices adds a layer of complexity to ERP security access that was device-independent once upon a time."  Oh, boy.

Wisdom dictates great care in making the choice of the best ERP software.  Naturally you will need your ERP implementation to be secure, scalable, reliable, easy to use and at the same time, able to leverage fantastic new technologies such as business intelligence.  Plus, you will most likely need to accommodate all kinds of mobile devices and mobile device users, or you'll hear a chorus of whining and grumbling in no time.

Thank goodness!  Technology Management Concepts with 30+ years in the ERP business is here to help.  Technology Management Concepts has over 1,000 ERP implementations to its credit.  Technology Management Concepts provides a full spectrum of services related to ERP, including remote or on-site implementation/support, on-premise or cloud (or hybrid cloud) implementations, project management, business process review, master data and open file conversion, and development/customization, and we provide a single point of contact for all ERP support.  We also provide a variety of training options for Microsoft Dynamics ERP including customized training onsite, offsite group classroom training, and private classroom training.

Please contact us for more information, we are happy to help.  Thank you.

Written by B.H (Sales team)

by Technology Management Concepts

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