With Dynamics 365 for Operations, Migrating to the new AX is a Breeze

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From faster response times to higher quality products, exceptional customer service to streamlined operations – there is constant pressure on manufacturers to continuously drive innovation in order to maintain a competitive advantage. If you’re already a Microsoft Dynamics AX user, you’re probably already using your ERP system to achieve all these goals, but the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is what your business truly needs. Architected with operational excellence at its core, Dynamics 365 for Operations offers you the required flexibility to scale your operations to meet your business needs. So if you've been waiting to upgrade to a modern version of Dynamics ERP, now is the time!



Why you should upgrade your ERP system to Dynamics 365?

With manufacturers facing several barriers to growth such as lack of demand, decreasing profitability, competition from foreign markets, and a myriad of regulatory pressures, improving the manufacturing process through connected operations is the only way forward. Dynamics 365 for Operations introduces a bunch of new features, that help you accelerate product introductions and achieve intelligent order fulfillment through the use of agile processes:

  • With the new production floor management workspace, you can minimize lead times, fulfill customer demand, and manage your resources, as well as achieve greater efficiency from your lean manufacturing operations.
  • Using real-time data, you can track production progress, get more accurate delivery dates, and reduce operational costs.
  • You can execute multiple production strategies, and seamlessly connect people with data and processes to make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • By connecting your sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production, and warehouse management, you can get the required visibility throughout the supply chain.
  • You can achieve direct and indirect procurement of goods and services and establish centralized buyer capabilities across your organization to support procurement policies and processes.
  • You can seamlessly plan, schedule, and track material and manpower resources based on production activities and capabilities of resources.
  • The task of subcontracting is now simplified, you can manage various ways of partnering with subcontractors, and link subcontractor purchase orders to your production orders.


Migrating to Dynamics 365 for Operations

With so much to offer through Dynamics 365 for Operations, you probably want to start the migration right away. Although ERP systems have traditionally been known for their rigidity, complexity, and slow deployments, Dynamics 365 for Operations introduces enhancements to the Azure-based LifeCycle Services, that support turnkey, rapid implementations:

  • Microsoft is actively developing easy upgrade and migration options from AX 2009 and AX 2012 releases.
  • The improved migration approach enables you to move to Dynamics AX 7 or Dynamics 365 for Operations without having to do a full migration of historical data; you can choose what is relevant to your business and only migrate what you need.
  • For instance, if you are interested in leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX cloud capabilities but are not ready for an AX upgrade, you can move your current AX system to the cloud with your existing licenses.
  • In addition, you can get rid of a lot of the existing customizations as they are now being offered by default in Dynamics AX 7.
  • And if you're wondering how and where to begin the long, and tedious process of migrating all your data over to the new solution, Microsoft has you covered; specially crafted state-of-the-art migration tools will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.
  • The all-in-one data migration checklist walks you through every aspect of the migration; while migrating, as you define data conversion rules, you can use the checklist to decide which entities you will include or exclude in the conversion.
  • And once you finalize the components that you want to migrate, by a simple click of a button, you can smoothly migrate all your data into Dynamics AX 7.


A gamut of benefits

Migrate to Dynamics 365 for Operations - there is a lot you can benefit from:

  • Grow at your pace with the choice and flexibility of the cloud and modernize your business based on your needs
  • Transform your business faster, while simplifying and speeding business processes
  • Get all the information you need (including crucial operational insights) and make smarter, quicker decisions
  • Enjoy anywhere, anytime access, across browsers, devices and operating systems
  • Ensure end-to-end support for your application lifecycle through the use of new methodologies and best practices driven tool sets of LifeCycle services
  • Plan and anticipate customer needs through the use of Azure machine learning capabilities
  • Empower your people to collaborate and get more done through seamless integration with other productivity tools and cloud apps


Making the most of Dynamics 365 for Operations

Dynamics 365 for Operations is a lot more than unifying CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly across sales, operations, marketing, financials and customer service. Through extraordinary integration across a broad set of Microsoft cloud capabilities, including O365, Azure, and Microsoft's data analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Microsoft is offering massive enhancements to core business apps functionality and aims to provide a unified experience across business processes and deliver new sources of customer value. Dynamics 365 for Operations speeds up your business processes and offers complete flexibility to modernize your business. What are you waiting for? Migrate to Dynamics 365 for Operations and make smarter decisions quicker.


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