Determining whether or not to customize a new ERP System

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For any new ERP implementation or revamp, deciding whether to start fresh and find a system with advanced out-of-the-box features vs customizing a software to fit your business processes one of the biggest considerations to make before any ERP implementation. Customizations are excellent for businesses that have complex daily processes while standard out of the box implementations are highly cost effective and allow businesses a sense of freedom when upgrading among many other benefits on both end. ERP solutions like Dynamics GP offer excellent out of the box functions as well as the ability to customize functions to best fit your workflow.

How Flexible is Your ERP Project Budget?

One of the biggest determining factors in any ERP project is ensuring that its scale fits within your budget. Minimizing the cost of your ERP implementation is an attractive concept on its own, which is why many executives working on a new project will decide to implement with as little customization as possible. With modern ERP solutions like Dynamics GP, basic functionality doesn’t have to be limiting. In fact, many of these solutions offer vertically minded structures to keep upgrades simple and cost effective.

While customizations are certainly more costly, they do offer the flexibility that some complex business structures need to stay ahead of their competition. ERP vendors are aware of this issue and have worked to make customizations available at a basic level as well as affordable for your implementation partner to configure. Customizations can be done at any level, so don’t feel like you have to build your ERP system from the ground up. Often sticking with a solid foundation will make upgrades and future integrations much simpler and more cost effective.

If you are still finding that after plenty of searching for a system with out-of-the-box functionality that suits your day to day operations, your Chicago based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Logan Consulting recommends that users implement their system in stages to ensure that budget isn’t make or break and you can get the system you need without having to sacrifice. This is an excellent way to ensure that each phase is being completed with the right amount of attention to detail and you can be confident that you aren’t lacking quality.

What are Your Software Needs?

Does the system you’re looking into have all of the functionality your business needs? What pain points are you hoping to find solutions for when you upgrade? Determining your software needs is the first step to any ERP implementation project and can help you decide if an ERP upgrade is something you should consider. An ERP system isn’t a one size fits all investment so finding a partner and solution that best fits your business's individual needs is a must.

Sitting down with your implementation partner before you begin any integration is important for determining what ERP needs your business has. Just because you’ve done your research and are interested in a specific software, reaching out and presenting your situation to a third party will point out potential flaws and ultimately help you find your best ERP fit. A good partner won’t try and sell you on a product that won’t be the best solution for your business.

Of course these are just two factors that should be considered when deciding whether or not ERP software customizations are a good fit for your current situation. Any project big or small can have a significant impact on your business and the best way to set out a clear plan is to set up a consultation with your local ERP consultant and determine your best ERP fit. For more information on ERP Customizations, contact Logan Consulting a Chicago based ERP partner.

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    Thanks for the Post. I am looking for the new ERP system which is customizable with my business. So now it’s easy to communicate with ERP vendor with the help of the above points.

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