Microsoft Dynamics AX: Fiscal Period Error Received

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One of the features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 allows users the ability to set up different calendars for different purposes which makes AX very flexible. When companies are using multiple calendars, one common issue that occurs is users overlook the maintenance of the calendars that are not connected with the ledger. A good example of this situation is when there is a different calendar attached to your fixed asset value models. If additional years are not added to that value model, and you attempt to reverse a transaction, you will receive the following error:

Microsoft Dynamics AX










The first thing we notice about this error is that it does not name the “Calendar” that is causing the error, but instead provides the RecId used by AX. Unfortunately, this is not helpful for most users who may end up assuming that AX is referring to the calendar used on the ledger which would be incorrect. If you proceeded down the path of ensuring the ledger calendar was open, you would still receive the error.

To resolve this error, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to: USMF/Fixed assets/Common/Fixed assets
    • Highlight the fixed asset in question.
    • Click “Value models”

Microsoft Dynamics AX






2.  Now, note the “Value model” attached to the asset.

Microsoft Dynamics AX





3.  Navigate to: USMF/Fixed assets/Setup/Value models

    • Highlight the “Value model” you noted in step 2 and note the name of the calendar in use.

Dynamics AX










4.  Navigate to: USMF/General ledger/Setup/Fiscal calendars

    • Highlight the “Calendar” you noted in step 3 and expand the tree to see the years that are setup. In this case you’ll notice that our reversal date was in 2016 which is not setup.

Dynamics AX







5. With the calendar name highlighted, click the “New fiscal year” button to create a new year 2016.

Dynamics AX








    • Review the information displayed for the new year and if OK, click create or modify as necessary.

Dyanmics AX











6.   Now that the new year has been created, you will be able to process your fixed asset reversal!


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By Matthew Caffrey, AX Application Consultant at Tridea Partners. Tridea is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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