Dynamics GP Support Inquiries or Horror Stories?

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Support Inquiries or Horror Stories?


Wouldn’t it be great if Microsoft Dynamics GP worked just as we wanted it to, with users never encountering any issues? What would be even better, if our add-on products were foolproof, never requiring any assistance.


Well I’m sure that’s the case in some dreamland, but in reality, we’ve got a support team full of superstars ready to help with the myriad of questions that Dynamics GP users encounter on a daily basis.


In the spirit of Halloween, we thought it’d be fun to share some of the common Dynamics GP user horror stories that our support team assists with. These inquires aren’t comparable to the ax murders found in horror films, but sometimes they can be just as scary!


I need to audit GP but I do not know where to start. Please help!

The first thing to know about Auditor is to not set it up to Audit everything. What you need to Audit really depends on what your company does and what your needs are. For example, if you have set up Vendor information and pay your Vendors, the Vendor Check Name is a field most companies need to audit. If you have Employee information set up, the Pay Rate is a field most companies need to audit.


To help determine what needs to be audited in each area of your company, it’s best to work with the experts of each department. They will help you identify key fields that should be audited and if those fields should require a note to be entered by the end user or not when the change, add, or delete action is completed.


Once you have determined what needs to be Audited, it is also important to identify if the Audit should be a Form, Table, or SQL Table Audit. For example, when tracking changes in the Account Maintenance window, it is best to track the changes using a Form Audit so you can see the whole Account Number in the Audit Record’s Record Key field instead of just the Account Index (See screenshot below). If you are updating the Posting Status or Marked To Post columns for Batches directly in the SY00500 table through SQL Server Management Studio for example, it is best to track these changes through a SQL Table audit.

Audit Record



I need to email our Sales Invoices and would like to do it per Sales batch not per individual transaction. This is taking forever and I don’t have the time, help!

In Dynamics Report Manager (DRM), you can create a Batch Report to have your Sales Invoices emailed. Then you can create a Launch Point to send a batch of Sales Invoices with just one click in the Sales Batch Entry window. Check out this KB for detailed steps on how to do this: How to Email a Batch of Sales Invoices to Customers using DRM.


Note: If some customers need their report printed or if some customers need a different Sales invoice report sent to them, check out this KB: How to Email and Print specific Sales Invoice Reports to different Customers using DRM



I need to update our pricing on our Contracts and I need to create a Contract for a future date. Help!

Prices change and the process could be tedious. However, Mass Update and Importing can make the process quite easy and some may even say enjoyable!


With Mass Update, you can update the Percentage or Amount field and you can change these fields using these Update Methods: Change by Amount, Change by Percent, Replace with Amount, and Replace with Percent.

Pricing Mass Update Methods

With Importing Contracts, you can import in price changes as well. For example, I can export my Contract, save it as a *.xls file, make changes to it, and then import in the changes. See method 3 in this KB for more details: Importing Contract pricing information.


You can also create a Contract in Omni Price using a Date Filter. This is especially helpful when you need to enter monthly promotions, enter pricing for the new year (prior to the first day of the new year!), etc. Here is a screenshot of what the Date Filter looks like:

Pricing Date Filter



I need to create a SmartFill lookup. Help!

There are a couple steps in creating a SmartFill lookup. The first part is creating the lookup for the specific lookup window. The second part is assigning that SmartFill lookup to the window you need it on. Check out this KB with detailed steps on this process: How to add a SmartFill lookup in other windows (video included).



I need to install and/or upgrade the Rockton Software product(s) but I do not know how. Help!

The process of installing/upgrading our products is quick and easy when compared to other products. We have documented the steps to take in a KB article. Please click here to view the steps.


Here are a few key points to keep in mind when installing/upgrading:

  • Make a complete restorable backup and have all users out of the system
  • Right click on the .exe file and choose Run as Administrator
  • Right click on GP and choose Run as Administration
  • Log in as SA, run through the installation wizard
  • Repeat these steps on all of the other workstations that have GP installed on them



I upgraded our Rockton Software product(s) and now the Install/Upgrade Wizard window keeps appearing. No matter what I do, I can’t get this message to go away. Help!

This will occur if the latest build of the Rockton Software product you are installing was not installed on all GP workstations that currently have the product installed on them. Check out this KB which includes an example of the situation and how to resolve it: The Install/Upgrade Wizard window continues to appear when users log into Dynamics GP.


We'd love to hear about your common support inquiries that can seem like horror stories! Above all, we wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!


Written by Angela Melhus, Technical Support Lead at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Provider.

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