Dynamic Workflow Management with Workflow Reassignment Notifications

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There is an undeniable attention to dynamic workflow management in the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The company is fully aware that even the best ERP solutions can be rendered virtually useless unless the overall workflow is perfectly optimized for productivity and efficiency.

Previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP featured the ability to send workflow assignment notifications as well as workflow completion notifications. This module roughly corresponds to the typical organizational hierarchy; people who delegate work are interested in completion notifications and those who do the work are interested in work assignment notifications.

However, only rarely is anything major accomplished in such a fashion. Tasks are often delegated to other employees then sent back for approval and so on. With the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the email notification feature is expanded with options for delegation, escalation, and alternate approval for an action related to a document.

The new notification scheme allows for those who are not formally assigned to a certain task to still be easily notified when an action for a specific document is required from them. This feature now increases the transparency of organizational workflow and empowers employees to quickly and actively move toward completing projects.

To use the improved email notification feature, navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP, select Tools > Setup > System > Workflow Setup. This opens a separate window where you will be able to configure the system to your specifications.

The one thing any organization should keep in mind when using the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is how fine the line between useful notifications and useless spam is. You can usually tell that there are too many notifications being sent when people start ignoring them. People pay attention to things they need or want and shy away from things that have no place on their list of priorities or become a hindrance to their work.

One way of making the most out of the new email notification system and ensuring its efficiency is by running a test configuration. Employ the newly configured notification system for a length of time then hold meetings where you and all stakeholders can come together to provide feedback on whether or not the new features are working to everyone’s advantage and which sections could be improved. Alternatively, you can also implement an automatic click-through monitoring system that would let you know what notifications are paid attention to, and what notifications are being ignored.

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