Don’t Trust ACA Compliance To Just Any Software

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Don’t Trust ACA Compliance To Just Any SoftwareMaintaining compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be challenging, to say the least. Not only is the process of collecting and reporting key information difficult, the mistakes can be costly. Most basic accounting software can’t support the type or volume of data needed to maintain compliance and you certainly can’t trust spreadsheets either. Implement a solution that has been specifically designed for this task and that integrates with your existing payroll system. Don’t trust ACA compliance to just any software; deploy Integrity Data's ACA Compliance Solution.

Businesses everywhere are taking a good look at existing management systems to determine whether they can support ACA compliance efforts. Some of the information needed to maintain compliance may be found in payroll or other human resources systems, but there are other considerations and calculations that need to be made. Creating new forms or spreadsheets to shore up existing systems isn’t an efficient solution and it can actually increase the risk for mistakes. Instead, choose a solution that was specifically designed for this complicated task.

Be Confident with ACA Compliance By Deploying the Right Technology

Affordable, efficient and reliable, Integrity ACA will streamline data management and reporting for this challenging regulatory obligation. The solution integrates with either an existing payroll system or the payroll module of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

  • Data pertaining to each employee is continuously monitored to determine which employees are eligible for coverage and notifications alert managers when it’s time to make an offer of coverage.
  • When coverage is offered, details about the health plans and employee contributions are calculated using any of the three allowed safe harbors to determine affordability.
  • Data is automatically populated in the employee form, IRS Form 1095-C, and the transmittal form, Form 1094-C, for the IRS at year-end.
  • You can then e-file the forms as required for businesses with 250 or more submissions.

Integrity ACA provides dashboards that highlight important reporting dates, action items and other news about ACA guidance. Security features protect data integrity, recording when data is changed, by whom and when. As ACA regulations change, the solution is updated behind the scenes, with minimal to no interruption to business operations.

Be confident with your ability to maintain compliance with ACA regulations and deploy the right technology for the job. Contact Integrity Data for more information about their ACA Compliance Solution and guidance with putting the right technology in place today.

By Integrity Data, a trusted ACA Compliance solution provider since 2012

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