Do All Manufacturers Need the Extended Pack in Dynamics GP?

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If you are a discreet manufacturer, some Dynamics GP partners will automatically try to upsell you to the Extended Pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In many cases, though, we consider that more of a Porsche solution.


It is true that the Extended Pack has many great manufacturing features, but not every manufacturer needs them.  And using only the Dynamics GP Starter Pack will save you the $11,000 cost for the Extended Pack.  (Price at time of writing in Canadian Dollars)

Dynamics GP Starter Pack for Manufacturing includes: 

  • Assembly Bill of Materials tracks components and subassemblies used in light manufacturing.
  • Inventory Control allows you to manage how inventory is tracked and reported on.
  • Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing streamlines the entire sales ordering process.
  • Extended Pricing delivers flexible pricing options and rules for customers.
  • Purchase Order Processing automates purchasing and approval processes, extended pricing and blanket POs.
  • Laded Cost tracks and updates the total cost associated with an inventory item.
  • PO Generator recommends POs based on purchasing, sales and inventory data.


The Assembly BOM is included with the starter pack.
Assembly BOM is included in the starter pack.


(Look at the other features included in the Starter Pack)

Dynamics GP Extended Pack for Manufacturing includes everything from the Starter Pack plus:

  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials integrates BOMS and routings into work orders.
  • Manufacturing Order Processing manages detailed production processes.
  • Manufacturing Suite supports capacity planning, ECM, job costing, QA, sales configuration and sales forecasting.
  • Master Production Scheduling creates the production schedule based on manufacturing orders.
  • Materials Requirements Planning delivers complete visibility into material requirements.
Manufacturing BOMs and Routings can be combined to record complex processes in Extended Pack Advanced Manufacturing.
Manufacturing BOMs and Routings can be combined to record complex processes in Extended Pack Advanced Manufacturing.

(Look at the other features included in the Extended Pack)

Important Differences

The difference between the standard inventory Bill of Materials (BOM) versus the extended pack manufacturing really boils down to your requirements.

You can use the Starter Pack Assembly BOM if:

  • All you need is a quick BOM to track inventory, we can backflush your inventory, or you can use worksheets.
  • All you care about is consuming the raw materials that go into making your product.


Note: Some Standard Overheads can be added to Assembly BOM’s by setting them up as Miscellaneous items in Inventory Control.

You need the Extended Pack BOM if:

  • You need a BOM with multiple routings where you could make a product on Line 1 or Line 2 and there is actually a difference between the two lines.
  • You need to track capacity within your lines.
  • You need some MRP (Material Requirements Planning) or MPS (Master Production Schedule)


You also need the Extended Pack configurator if you do custom manufacturing.  For example, if you make a watch that has multiple options that impact the final price. (Leather vs plastic vs metal band, analog vs digital face, men’s vs woman’s model.)


Manufacturing companies do not always need to pay extra for the Advanced Manufacturing features in the Extended Pack of Microsoft Dynamics GP.


At Briware we have manufacturing industry experience. We can review your business and tell you honestly if you can save money by not buying the Extended Pack.


If you are a manufacturing company that is evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP contact us at 844-BRIWARE or


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