Create SmartList from Favorites Using SmartList Designer

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The popular SmartList Designer allows users to modify existing or create new SmartLists. It used to be that when you created a copy of a SmartList, the software would take the default SmartList and use it to make your new one.

Now, you can create a copy from a favorite which has different columns than the default. What this means in practice is that you can create a new SmartList from a favorite using SmartList Designer without having to remove extra columns from the default SmartList.

Users can thus quickly create and modify existing SmartLists, build their own refreshable Excel reports, and generally take their overall productivity to the next level by having up-to-date business information available at any time.

Adding SmartLists in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In Microsoft’s instructional manual for SmartLists, the company gives a short guide on how to  create new SmartLists:

  1. The first step is to open the SmartList Builder window.
  2. Then enter the SmartList ID and the name of the SmartList.
  3. Enter the Item Name.
  4. Once entered, select the Product that the SmartList will be grouped under.
  5. Select tables and fields for the SmartList.
  6. Save the result and open the SmartList window.
  7. The last step is to select Yes to create its SmartList

Advantages of the SmartList Designer in Dynamics GP

SmartList Designer within Dynamics GP has several key advantages and notable productivity enhancements. Besides the ability to easily create new SmartLists from existing SmartLists, users can export SmartList data into Excel and create new refreshable Excel reports which can be viewed on mobile devices.

The newly created reports can be published to the shared location on the network, SharePoint, or Office 365. Users can also create SQL views that contain Microsoft Dynamics CRM data from SmartList Designer, giving them freedom to process information in the most optimal manner.

More Things to Do with SmartLists

Another popular feature of SmartLists in hosted Dynamics GP is the SmartList ability to Create Custom Reminders.

  1. To do so, click on the SmartList icon in the toolbar.
  2. Create a custom SmartList using a pre-defined SmartList.
  3. Adding extra filters to the list.
  4. Save its SmartList as a favorite and reminder.
    • This can be done by clicking on “Add”and selecting “Add favorite and reminder.”

Smarter Business with Dynamics GP

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