What You Can Expect Before, During, and After Your GP Upgrade

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‘Tis the season for Year-End updates and soon Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 will be here. But what can you really expect from the Dynamics GP upgrade process?

We have become so accustomed to simply clicking a button and having the latest version without a thought. But because Dynamics GP is a critical business system, its updates need to be approached methodically and with preparation. So how do I get ready for a Dynamics GP upgrade?

In this post, we’ll provide you with the details you’ll need to consider before, during, and after your Dynamics GP upgrade.

Before the Update

Before you upgrade or update your current GP solution you will need to consider your company specific needs, any customizations or integrations you have in place, and how you are going to prepare your team for the new functionalities.

Regulatory Compliances

One of the most important areas to consider before you upgrade GP is regulatory compliance. Many different regulations require that the update/upgrade process be completed in a test environment prior to deployment on production systems.

It is important to understand the guidelines your company must follow before you begin the upgrade process so you can be sure you’re maintaining compliance throughout.

Customizations and Integrations

If your solution has been customized or integrates to other business solutions, you’ll need to ensure these will continue to work after you update. You should deploy any updates in a test environment before moving to production. This will save you from drowning in a sea of user complaints and support tickets later.

New Functionalities

To ensure that your upgrade moves smoothly, you’ll want to prepare your users for the changes and new features. Consider sending out a “What’s New” guide or other information to help ease the transition.

During the Update

Now you’re ready to move forward with updating your GP solution. Here are a few guidelines and tips we’d recommend you follow during this process:

Ensure Your Test Environment is Current

If you’re going to perform a test update, it’s important to make sure that your test environment is identical to your production environment.

Run Reports to Ensure Everything is Working as Intended

Before you begin updating, run your reports out to a file. Running reports will provide you with a way to ensure your accounting balances have not been altered during the update process.

Make a Database Backup

It’s always best to have a backup, just in case. Make a point of recovery by creating backups of DYNAMICS and your company databases. You’ll also want to create a backup of the folder where your GP application files are installed. In the unlikely event your update does go south, you’ll have a way to get back up and running on the previous version while you troubleshoot.

Follow the Steps Provided for the Update

No one wants to admit they need to read the instructions, but when it comes to your financial systems it’s important you don’t miss any steps. No matter how confident you feel, you should always update with the checklist in front of you. This will ensure that you don’t skip anything, no matter how small.

After the Update

Double Check Your Reports

Run the reports that you ran prior to the update again. This will give you a means to verify that all went well and confirms the update didn’t change your system in a negative way.

Test the System Thoroughly

Create master records and run a couple of test transactions for each GP series. This adds another layer of confidence that everything is working as intended.

Update all Accesses to GP

You’ll need to ensure that all workstations, terminal servers, or other systems used to access GP through the traditional client interface have been updated.

Monitor for Issues or Irregularities

When your update is complete, we recommend monitoring the first few hours after GP users are given access to the updated solution. Make sure they are looking for any issues or irregularities.

FMT Can Help Make Your GP Upgrade a Success

Following these simple tips for your upgrade process ensures that there is minimum impact to your users and business, but there’s nothing like having the help of an expert.

FMT Consultants has over 20 years of experience implementing ERP systems and performing upgrades. We will ensure the integrity of your system and make the update transition as smoothly as possible for your business. Ready to update? Simply click here to get in touch.

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