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Business technology has become increasingly important in this digital era. It’s not enough to have software for accounting or inventory management. To remain productive and profitable, businesses need a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Real-time data, business intelligence and other time-saving automations strengthen your foothold in the marketplace, launching you ahead of the competition.

A strong accounting solution is certainly necessary for businesses to manage financial transactions. For many types of businesses, an inventory solution is also important. Keeping track of incoming raw materials, items being used in production and finished products is critical for keeping manufacturing activities running smoothly and satisfying customer demand. However, by using different, specialty software, only the accounting department understands the fiscal health of the business and the procurement manager may not fully understand the financial ramifications of inventory movement. Instead of working independently, bring your team together with an integrated ERP solution.

Bring Your Team Together with Integrated ERP

Businesses of all sizes and in nearly any industry sector rely on ERP to manage all core business processes—financial, inventory and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations, and other important activities. With key data within easy reach, your managers have access to accurate, real-time data when making important decisions. In addition, with the support of dashboards and business intelligence features, your team will see how activities in one area impact the activities in another area. Both the accounting team and inventory team, as discussed in our example, will be able to identify ways to save money, reduce wasteful practices and improve operations.

Modern ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, also offer automations that make it easier to enter, access and use business data. Workflows add consistency to tasks and save valuable time. Alerts notify managers for certain situations, such as when inventory is running low or when invoices are aging. This enables your managers to be proactive when managing inventory, stock-outs and back orders. Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers mobility. Your people are able to enter and access data when they are out of the office, meeting with customers or suppliers or working from home.

Strengthen your business and improve your ability to be competitive in the marketplace by replacing inefficient, disparate systems with a more powerful, integrated ERP solution. Contact OTT, Inc. for an ERP solution that streamlines business operations and improves productivity and profitability.

By OTT, Inc., Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Minnesota

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