6 Qualities for your Next AP Automation Solution

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We recently put together a blog post about why it’s important to date your document management/AP automation solution. “Dating” it – similar to how you would date a potential significant other – gives you a chance to get to know it, become comfortable with it and make sure your friends (er, coworkers) like it, too.

Now, while you probably want your potential boyfriend or girlfriend to have a great personality, make a good impression on your parents, etc., there are a few alternative qualities to look for in your document management solution. An AP automation solution doesn’t need to buy you flowers or cook you dinner in order to win you over, but here are some deal-makers you should look out for when seeking out your ideal document management match.

  1. Automated workflow: This is the functionality that’s going to eliminate manual data entry and paper from your organization. Automated workflow means that documents are put through a process – dictated by you and your unique business needs – that is paper-free and automatic. This includes choosing specific approvers, as well as backup approvers, document capture and indexing.
  2. Vendor portal: If your customer service department is spending time on the phone with vendors trying to hunt down paper invoices to see if they’ve been paid, then this is a feature that you definitely want in your document management/AP automation solution. A vendor portal is a place for your vendors to go to see where their specific invoices are in the process. They can pull check numbers and see whether payments have been made.
  3. Document reading technology: No more mistakes due to typos and poor handwriting! Document reading technology, like OCR, allows your document management solution to do the work. When an invoice or other document comes in, document reading technology pulls information from the document and indexes it, making it fully keyword searchable and saving you the time of having to enter vendors and invoice information every time an invoice comes in.
  4. Customization: Your business is unique, so your document management/AP automation solution should accommodate your specific business needs. A good document management solution that will be in it for the long-haul will be customizable and flexible so that it’s specific to your business, not every business.
  5. Mobile capability: Have a hard time being away from the office? A document management/AP automation solution that is mobile-optimized gives you visibility, as well as the chance to approve invoices from wherever you are.
  6. Expandability: Your AP department shouldn’t be the only one to benefit. Look for a solution that can expand into AR, HR, Legal and anywhere else in your enterprise where paper is processed. The efficiency of the document management solution will snowball across the rest of your organization, making it more efficient overall.

If your current solution isn’t quite the match you’re looking for, it might be time for a change!

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