3 Things I Wish You Would Stop Printing From Dynamics GP

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Do you back up your data files to a floppy disk?  Are you using a cell phone with buttons? Do you have a vendetta against your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might want to stop reading as I doubt I will be able to bring around.


Finance departments often have storage facilities full of “back up reports”.  Once those sheaves of paper go into the filing cabinets or bankers boxes, though, nobody ever looks at them again.  Ever.  This is because many Dynamics GP users are still in the habit of printing documents even though the processes that originally required the paper have become totally outdated.  (Like floppy disks or buttons on a cell phone.)


Here are three examples of things that I wish all Dynamics GP users would stop printing.  Right now.


1) Please stop printing the batch edit list before you post.

I work with one company that literally carries around a printed edit list to get various signatures for approval on every single batch.  Then, after they post they write in the audit trail code on the top sheet and file the edit list away.  Some of these edit lists can be as many as 80 pages!  They do this every day, for every batch, in their high volume environment.  They have thousands of transactions a day, so imagine how many edit lists they are producing.  And how much paper is needlessly consumed.  (Take that grandkids!)


The entire approvals process can be automated in Dynamics GP.  If you do need to review the edit list for errors, print it to screen.


2) Please stop printing standard reports as checklists.

Some companies insist on printing some of the standard reports, the really ugly ones in Dynamics GP, just to use as checklists.  For example, if you want a checklist to validate your check run.  Instead of printing to paper, I suggest that you move the data from the reports you are using into a navigation list in Dynamics GP.  That navigation list will not only allow you to have a list of things to review, it also lets you drill down automatically into the transactions (or create whole new ones).  With one click all the information will pop open on your screen, you can confirm the details, and then go back to your list.


You never have to leave Dynamics GP and no trees have to die to support your process.


3) Please stop printing duplicate copies of your cheques. (Read as checks for my American friends)

I shudder when I see that people still print extra copies of their cheques.  This is unnecessary because you can always go back and reprint cheques directly from Dynamics GP if you need them.  What about an audit?  I feel that in the last few years most auditors have become more knowledgeable about the capabilities of modern ERP systems and they don’t require a company to store a physical copy of the cheques any more.


If you document your process in such a way that you don't suggest that you store a physical copy, but only allow the system to reprint a soft copy, most auditors I find will like this solution.


So the next time you are tempted to click that Print button, think twice.  I know that you love the swanky new “Select printer at time of print” option in Dynamics GP, but you don’t need to use it so often!  Reserve the space in your filing cabinets for something more important, like snacks or wine.


If you are interested in more time saving (and tree saving) tips for Dynamics GP, contact Briware Solutions. 844-BRIWARE


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