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Microsoft Dynamics GP Administrators focus on securing their system and utilizing everything Dynamics GP has to offer, all while facilitating industry best practices by their users. Let’s be honest, Dynamics GP is vast and it’s a lot to keep track of! We’ve gone all-in with our top 8 tricks of the trade and two great resources that are sure to save every GP admin time and prevent countless hours of frustration.


Here’s a sneak peek . . .


Tip #1: Manage the Entry and Posting by Users

When it comes to who is posting transactions in your Dynamics GP, it’s important for GP Admins to have control. These built-in controls ensure compliance with auditing rules that state users aren’t allowed to enter and post the same transaction, ultimately saving you if or when you get audited.


How to set it up using the General Entry window as an example!


Set up Posting Setup where Allow Transaction Posting is NOT marked

  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics | Tools | Setup | Posting | Posting
  • Select the Financial Series and the General Entry Origin
  • Verify that the Allow Transaction Posting checkbox is unmarked or unmark it
  • Click Save


Then on the Batch Entry window, set up Field Level Security

  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | Field Level Security
  • Click Add
  • Enter a new Field Security ID and Description
  • Select the Product Name lookup button
  • Expand Microsoft Dynamics GP, expand Microsoft Dynamics GP, expand Financial, expand Batch Entry, select Main: Batch Entry, select Post Button, and then click OK
  • Select Password Before for Security Mode, and then select a Password ID.
    Note: Because you can set up a Field Security ID per user per window, you can assign a Password ID specific for the user you are assigning the Field Security ID to.
  • Click Save
  • Select the Field Security ID, User ID, and Company Name you want to assign the Field Security ID to, and then click OK


Once you’ve taken these easy steps, your auditing rules are in place!


It’s time you doubled down and cashed in with this trick of the trade and more. You’ll learn how to sidestep common problems and avoid traditional issues that occur in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Click here to download today!


Written By Nicole Helm, Marketing Specialist at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

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