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The past decade has brought extraordinary changes to the way we do business. The internet has matured, mobile devices are part of everyday life, and cloud-based solutions have gone mainstream. New trends, enabled by these fundamental developments, are emerging that will further impact your business.

The great news is that the tools that allow you to capitalize on these trends are easier to afford and more powerful than ever before. Technology that was only available to enterprise companies just a few short years ago is within reach of every business. The cloud is removing the barriers, allowing you to compete head to head with the leaders in your industry.

What we traditionally thought of as “accounting software” is now labeled “ERP” (Enterprise Resource Planning) to reflect more core solution capabilities that can manage supply chain, operations, reporting, and HR. ERP solutions that integrate with other productivity tools used in your day-to-day work activities can provide the visibility you need to manage, and grow, your business.

Your employees are on the move yet still connected like never before. Cloud-based business applications make it easier to give on-the-go employees the information they need to stay productive.

Customers expect empowered workers:

Today’s customers expect your workers to be connected to the information they need no matter where they are. Calling back to the office to see if a part is in stock or schedule a visit just doesn’t cut it.

Connect remote employees to information:

Online, or cloud-based accounting software (commonly referred to as Cloud ERP) allows you to share the information—securely—with the people who need it. When people need information, they rarely need just one piece. They need the whole picture to make good decisions and answer questions thoroughly.  With a cloud-based ERP solution, your employees can work at peak efficiency to better service their customers and get access to the correct information.

Mobile ERP can Empower your employees to:

  • Manage quotes, proposals, and orders from the field on virtually any device.
  • Close the deal—from selection using a product configurator to electronic signatures that finalize the contract.
  • Deliver better service with full access to customer history, maintenance contracts, and product knowledge base.
  • Have the right tools so they  can be “in the office” as soon as they turn on their mobile device.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. A Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics NAV ("Navison") Partner 

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