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Doesn’t every Microsoft Dynamics GP partner claim to have experience? Of course they do. And maybe they have a couple of nice testimonials on their Web site. I should hope so. In fact, most Dynamics partners have amazingly similar wording on their Web sites. They all say they have experience and expertise. They all say they have a highly qualified team. So what makes Computer Resources stand out as the “right partner” for you? Let’s start with…

Our Background Story - Briefly

Since 1989, Computer Resources, Inc. has worked with clients in a variety of industries, with a specialized focus on distribution, staffing, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services and nonprofit companies. That’s 27 years’ worth of experience and expertise!

More than 600 Implementations Strong

During those 27 years, we’ve successfully implemented more than 600 accounting, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for clients in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and around the world! That comes down do at least 22 implementations every year since our company was founded in 1989.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Of course, if you know your history, Microsoft Dynamics GP didn’t exist under that name until the year 2000. Prior to that it was known as Great Plains Software, one of the first accounting packages in the United States that was designed and written to be multi-user and to run under Windows as 32 bit software. But what’s in a name? Computer Resources has been in the accounting/ERP software space even before Great Plains came onto the market!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was first released in 2003 and Computer Resources has been implementing Dynamics CRM since then. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has come a long, long way since that initial release. The 2016 version became available at the end of 2015 and incorporates literally hundreds of new features and a boat load of new functionality.

Team Stability

Stability is often overlooked as one of the key differentiators among Microsoft Dynamics partners. Computer Resources has an enviable history of team stability. We have programmers who have been with us since 1990, that’s 26 years! We have an administrative team that has been with us for 20 years. And most of the members of our support team have been with us with at least 15 years. Honestly, I would wager that you can’t find a partner who can boast that level of longevity.

What is the value of longevity? Well, for one thing, it means that Computer Resources is a great place to work. But perhaps even more importantly, for our clients longevity means that they’ve been working with the same team members for literally decades. The team you start working with at the beginning of your Microsoft Dynamics implementation is the same team that takes you across the finish line.

And let’s end with…

Access to the Top

How often do you have immediate access to the top management level of a software provider? I would guess that your first encounter is with an inside sales person, then a sales person, then a project manager, then a technical consultant. At Computer Resources, I am your very first contact and I’m the president of the company.

So for more information about a Microsoft Dynamics partner that’s more than 600 implementations strong, contact me, Robert McFall at 901-382-1634 or email me at robert@3821meg.com. Because I’m looking forward to speaking with you about your company’s search for the “right” accounting, ERP and/or CRM solution with the “right” partner.

By Computer Resources, Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Partner, serving Tennessee (TN), Alabama (AL) and beyond.

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