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Inventory System With inventory system software advancement, it surprises the ERP software world that the overwhelming majority of manufacturer’s (71%) use spreadsheets because they find it easier than using the tools in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) or inventory control system.  Mark Skinner, Director of Services at Clients First, explains this trend, "When we talk with new clients, we almost always hear something about how frustrations with their current ERP systems have driven them back to the spreadsheets they were using before the system was implemented. This is typically due to poor initial training and setups, lack of management ownership in the system and lax operational processes."

Overcoming Common ERP Complaints

Despite common ERP type 1 complaints, operations managers know these objections must be overcome as using spreadsheets for demand management, or resource planning is far from perfect. "As powerful as spreadsheets are, they just aren't up to the task of handling the complex supply chain scenarios most of our clients face, and things change too quickly to allow the planner to go back and update the spreadsheet," adds Skinner. At Clients First, we like the added benefit of Microsoft Dynamics in that the ERP system usability features are familiar, the programs are formatted like Excel and Word, so there is no need to learn something new in order to use Dynamics AX.  Work processes become easier with AX through workflows.

In addition, resource planning is a collaborative effort, or at the very least, one which requires data aggregation from a number of sources. When everyone involved is working from their own version of the master plan, the data is often inaccurate or out of date. "Spreadsheets can facilitate decision making, and that includes poor decision-making," adds Skinner.  This is why some type of material resource planning software is important for manufacturing.

Automating Resource Management

Automating resource and demand management processes can go a long way toward helping the manufacturer become lean and nimble. In addition, the automation makes processes more efficient, planners have the ability to use more sophisticated techniques.  Read more details on how Dynamics AX, MRP, and Kanban can work together to be a matchless system for leading inventory control.

The best approach to resource management

Advanced applications like Microsoft Dynamics AX have sophisticated functionality that allows for both options as well as flexibility in the way the concepts are applied. "Dynamics AX has supported make-to-order production planning and MRP for decades. In addition, Dynamics AX has the electronic Kanban functionality required to make visual replenishment feasible in a number of different scenarios. With Dynamic AX, we can help our clients implement the right techniques for their business," says Cathy Dean, managing director of Clients First MN.

Clients First, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, can help your business improve inventory management in implementing Dynamics AX, the most selected ERP software solution.  Dynamics AX is utilized worldwide by manufacturers and professional service companies including the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry. It is built on Microsoft's easy to use technology making employees happier and more efficient and positioning your company for growth. Please contact us our Texas location at 800-331-8382 or  Our Dynamics AX Minnesota office can be contacted at  877-428-7205 or email

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