Top Three New Features in Key2Act Signature 2016

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The release you’ve been waiting for is here. Get a better look at the new features and functionality available in Key2Act’s latest version – Key2Act Signature 2016. This version is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Here are the top three new features that we’re most excited about.

  1. Added source tracking for Service Calls

Now you are able to see exactly where service calls originated. This will give your office staff and technicians a better understanding of service history.

  1. Adding Building Entity

A building can house more than one business or entity, requiring more data for the technicians on site. With this update, a location such as a mall can have several different independent businesses or entities within it. Within those specific entities, you can indicate rooms and associate that data with the equipment master window. This will give you a full view of all of the equipment and its specific location within the building and businesses within. All of this information is available on the portal web service.

This is found in Cards> Service Management > Building Maintenance

Key2Act Signature 2016

WennSoft Signature

WennSoft Signature Equipment Master



With this functionality, you can choose to associate various businesses and equipment to one building. This allows you to easily view the relationship between different customers and locations associated with a single building. And if you’re searching for specific equipment, you can view all of the items that are associated with specific buildings.

When entering equipment or an asset, the building field is not required. This is simply because not all items are associated with a building. For example, a wind turbine is an asset but it isn’t located within a structure.

  1. Job Cost Transaction Level Not-to-Exceed Billing Improvements

Key2Act made some great updates and improvements to the Job Cost transaction functionality. Users now have the ability to auto-update billing transactions to equal the Not-to-Exceed (NTW) amount for Cost Plus NTE transaction level billing jobs. The changes are made in the Apply Transactions window by marketing all selects all transactions so the final billing amount doesn’t exceed the job’s NTE amount. Any changes are for the final bill, but no changes will be made if the job hasn’t hit the NTE amount.

If you’re ready to upgrade to the latest version of Key2Act Signature, now is a great time. Take advantage of these and the other great new features today. Contact Stoneridge Software for assistance with all of your Key2Act needs.

2 thoughts on “Top Three New Features in Key2Act Signature 2016”

  1. We Have Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and Key2Act.
    We are getting error message when we do
    Transaction > Payroll > Signature Payroll Posting.
    Error message is :
    Assign a default account to job cost – gross pay offset in the ‘Payroll and Overhead Offset Accounts Setup’ window
    How do I assign default account to Job Cost

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