Nine Great New Features Available in Key2Act MobileTech R5.0

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Key2Act has released MobileTech R5.0 with a long list of new features and functionality that will help technicians do their job better and more efficiently. This new release is compatible with Key2Act Signature 2016 and backward compatible with Signature 2015 R2 SP1 and Signature 2016 R3 SP3.

This release is offering technicians more control and easier access to the information that will help them get the job done. Below are the top 9 new features available with MobileTech R5.0.

  1. More in-app control over what details appear in which order.

Now technicians are able to set their view to show information in the order they choose. (Please note, however, that this functionality isn’t available by default – the technician will need to turn this on by utilizing the search field.)

Another great feature gives technicians more control over how items are sorted. Each value is now available to be filtered or sorted.

Key2Act MobileTech R5.0



  1. Expansion on the notes field

When a technician is in the field, it’s important that a person is able to record detailed notes about the project. That’s why the notes field has now been expanded to over 32,000 characters.

  1. Ability to clear crash log and errors

The ‘About Form’ gives techs the ability to easily clear the crash log on each device. As soon as the error has been emailed to the administrators, the technician can clear the error log. This is available on the client side of Mobile Tech.

  1. Change administrator password with ease

If your admin password is forgotten or needs to be reset, you can now change it yourself! You just need to be a user with an admin role in the SQL server.

  1. Refresh specific lookups

Instead of having to synchronize all look-ups, technicians can now use the new form to refresh only the specific look-ups that have changed. This is in Tools>Refresh Look-Up. This feature is not only convenient but is definitely a time saver.

  1. Time in/out enhancements

In Key2Act MobileTech R5.0 there is a new icon on the appointment list that indicates which appointments have been timed into and out of. Now as the technician completes jobs, he or she can more accurately track the exact amount of time they were there. This information has also been automatically added to the summary tab and the call and appointment summary reports.

Key2Act MobileTech Time In and Out Enhancements
You can see not only the hours but also time stamps of when the techs time in and when they hit time out.
  1. Update to Task Materials

Techs can now view their inventory of replacement parts that are needed to complete work on a specific project or service call. New icons are available to indicate which materials are defined for a task and there is a new button to view materials used.

This functionality will be extremely beneficial when it comes to tracking inventory and knowing what supplies are needed and available for each specific job.

Key2Act mobiletech upgrade to task

  1. New copy and paste feature

Technicians now have the ability to copy and paste files – including word documents and pdfs.

key2act mobiletech copy and paste

  1. New interactive contact functionality

Technicians can now click on a contact’s phone or email and the app will automatically launch an email or start a call in Key2Act MobileTech R5.0.


key2act mobiletech interactive contact


With these changes, Key2Act’s MobileTech is really giving more power to the technicians and workers in the field. By simplifying and streamlining processes, each user is able to more efficiently complete their jobs and increase their billable hours.

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