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Now that Dynamics GP offers Workflow capabilities in version GP2013R2 and beyond, we want to explore some of the many benefits beyond using it for the Purchase Order Process. This includes:

Using Tasks vs. Approvals

Vendor Approval

GL Batch Approval

Accounts Payable Approval


Using Tasks vs. Approvals – Tasks are a feature that can be used in addition to traditional approvals for repetitive activities. An example would be assigning the task of having the accounting department establish a credit limit for a new vendor whereas an approval would mean that it is an action that needs a signature.

Vendor Approval – Expanding upon the tasks, for your vendor set-up process you can have multiple tasks assigned to users inside and outside of Dynamics GP. After all tasks have been completed, an approval notification can be sent to a purchasing manager for final approval. This example uses tasks and approvals together in the same workflow for a process that might otherwise have all been done on paper.

Workflow Maintenance

GL Batch Approvals -  In GP2015, this newer feature of Workflow was added and in GP2016 they enhanced it to include a word template for the GL Posting Edit list. Financial approvers can approve journal entries without having to shuffle paper within the department or having to manually run the report on their own.

Accounts Payable Approval – Another business process where it is a common practice to see papers is the AP invoicing process. The invoicing process can be automated in Dynamics GP by configuring an accounts payable workflow instead of keeping a paper batch of invoices waiting for approval. Accounts Payable invoices can be created in GP with a status of unapproved with no accounting impact until final approval to allow for posting.  Workflow can be enhanced by using Dynamics GP Doc Attach and attaching electronic copies of the invoice from the vendor to the Dynamics GP invoice. The attached electronic copy of the invoice will be attached to the email that gets sent for approval.  This gives the approver all the information they need without requiring them to log in to GP.


Learn more about the GP Document Attachment feature:


For more information on configuring Dynamics GP Workflow, please contact SSG or your VAR of record.

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