What Are You Waiting For? Get the Data You Need, When You Need It

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Waiting for important business data is not only frustrating, it makes it difficult to make crucial business decisions. Delays with financial data, inventory, or other operational information can leave you in the dark, unable to know what is going well within your enterprise, or worse, what is going wrong.  Stop waiting for data to show up.  Replace inefficient and outdated systems with modern business technology and get the data you need to drive business growth.

Specialty software programs seem like a solid way to manage specific data; however, it may not be as efficient as you think. Every business certainly needs a strong accounting solution, some might need inventory management, and others need software for certain manufacturing and distribution operations. The problem with disparate systems is that data becomes stuck in these systems. Managers rely on employees to download reports or share information in meetings. These manual-intensive processes are time-consuming, causing delays and introducing the risk for errors within the data. The waiting game makes it difficult for managers to make high-level, data-driven business decisions.

There is a better way to get the data you need. A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, provides the functionality you need from those disparate systems within a single, integrated solution. Businesses can manage accounting and financial transactions, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing activities, distribution operations, and other core business processes with greater efficiency from a single solution. Your employees will find that one solution is easier to learn and use than multiple software programs and many time-saving automations can streamline common tasks, improving productivity right out-of-the-box.

Don’t Wait for Data to Cross Your Desk, Take It When You Need It

Managers can enter, access and review data from Microsoft Dynamics GP at their own convenience, instead of waiting for data to be delivered to them. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers dashboards, business intelligence features, and powerful reporting that can make it easier to leverage the data your business generates to your competitive advantage.

Don’t wait for data to cross your desk. Take advantage of a modern business solution that can provide the data that you need on your terms. Contact OTT, Inc. for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics GP to streamline operations, improve productivity, and get you closer to the data you use to make smart business decisions.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner based in Minnesota

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