New York and San Francisco Enacting Paid Family Leave Laws

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New York and San Francisco Enacting Paid Family Leave LawsAndrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has enacted landmark paid leave legislation and the city of San Francisco is expected to enact stronger paid family leave laws very soon. While these new laws won’t become effective until 2017, businesses are encouraged to prepare for these changes now by updating human resources and payroll systems.

Big changes are coming according to “The State of New York & San Francisco Move to Enact Paid Family Leave Laws,” posted on New York is going big by creating the ‘longest and most comprehensive’ paid family leave policy in the nation offing eligible employees 12 weeks of paid leave. Benefits will be phased-in starting with eight weeks of leave per year at 50% of their average weekly wage. Employees can use this time to care for an infant, family member with serious health condition, or when a family member is called into active military service. The program will be funded using a payroll deduction and wages will have a cap. San Francisco is considering a similar program offering eligible employees paid time off funded by a combination of a weekly tax and the State Disability Insurance Paid Family Leave Program. Employers must offer this benefit to new parent employees that spend at least 40% of their work week within San Francisco boundaries.

Be Prepared for Regulatory Changes with the Right Payroll Solutions

Businesses in New York and San Francisco will soon need to align corporate policies with this new legislation, as well as put the technology in place to manage family leave time for employees. Businesses may need to rethink how they capture hours, monitor where employees work, and change payroll processes to capture a payroll tax.

Don’t trust manual processes to capture this important information. Deploy Comprehensive Leave Manager, a solution that can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll solution and automate all leave management programs, including paid family leave programs. You can define accrual schedules, carry-over rules, waiting periods, balance caps, and other program details for each type of leave including sick or vacation time, personal leave, comp time, and paid family leave. Let the technology manage the details and process leave transactions during payroll, with no extra steps needed by payroll staff.

Streamline leave management processes and gear up for these new laws by deploying the right technology. Contact Integrity Data for more information about Comprehensive Leave Manager and other payroll solutions that can save time and money while strengthening compliance with these changing regulations.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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