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Improve employee satisfaction with better technology

The payroll department can be a very busy place, especially during the summer months when employees are taking vacation. Employees that are planning to take time off will interrupt your payroll team to inquire about how much time they have available and flood managers with requests for time off. Save time when managing vacation hours and improve communication with employees by deploying a leave management solution for Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll.

Just as business is picking up and it seems like there isn’t enough time to get work done, it’s time for employees to take summer vacations. Employees need to know how much vacation time they have left and put in requests to take it. These seemingly harmless procedures disrupt your payroll department and managers, which can put people behind as they drop everything to handle these requests and leave your employees frustrated when they can't get a straight answer.

Faster, Accurate Vacation Management with Comprehensive Leave Manager

Streamline the process and reduce these disruptions by adding Comprehensive Leave Manager to Microsoft Dynamics GP. This simple, affordable add-on solution can make it easier for your employees, payroll team and managers to manage the vacation process as well as other leave requests.

  • Define as many leave plans as you need, including vacation, sick, personal, comp time, or other leave plans.
  • Establish and automate the accrual schedule, carry-over rules, probationary periods or other aspects of your leave policies.
  • Automatically calculate leave time during payroll with no extra steps for your payroll staff to manage this process.
  • Allow employees to look up their own transaction history and determine how much time they have available for vacation, as well as put in requests that are routed to managers for review.

When employees are out of the office on vacation, ensure that they receive direct deposit and other statements with Employee E-Mail Suite. Save time from stuffing envelopes and avoid losing documents in the mail by sending documents as an encrypted Adobe PDF file through email. Employees can open these documents on any electronic device, even their smartphone, from home or vacation.

Don’t lose productivity as employees plan out summer vacations; put stronger technology in place to streamline the process and increase employee satisfaction at the same time. Contact us for more information about Comprehensive Leave Manager, Employee E-Mail Suite, and other enhancements that can streamline payroll and other human resources processes.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR

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