WSJ: Hilary Mason and the 'democratizing of data;' MS Dynamics GP's role in Big Data.

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One of the metrics your manufacturing and distribution company uses to gauge customer preferences relies on purchasing histories. But now with a growing customer base, the data is becoming more fragmented with so many disparate files and documents residing on an array of PCs throughout the company.

Try as you might to consolidate and make sense of customer preferences, as well as what the competition is doing in the marketplace, you haven’t succeeded in recognizing a critical component to this trove of data and information: trends.

That’s why you turned to Microsoft Dynamics GP, a proven enterprise resource planning software, to help identify these trends in order to respond to ever-changing customer demands in the marketplace. Ideally, the outcomes result in actionable data gathered from company financials, inventory and supply chain information.

In addition, by integrating Dynamics GP with Dynamics CRM, you are now able to garner insights into a range of customer experiences gathered from social media channels as well as customer engagement with your blogs and website.

The leap to using Big Data, notes a recent WSJ interview with Hilary Mason, founder of Fast Forward Labs, has been a disruptive force in “democratizing data.”

“Now you have a tool (Big Data) anyone can use (to) see these metrics and these dashboards, and they can configure them…”

MS Dynamics GP users can monitor data in from a number of sources within-and-out of the company in real-time, thereby leveraging new strategies for innovation, cost cutting and ROI.

Partnering with a Microsoft certified Gold Partner is the key to navigating through the disruptive digital landscape. Contact us today to learn more about MS Dynamics GP.

Written by J.K (Sales team)

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