Powerful Project Accounting Software: Time to Kiss QuickBooks Good Bye?

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Are you a professional services company managing your Finances in QuickBooks, Projects in Excel and Time Sheets on Paper?

You're not alone.  Many project accounting softwareorganizations begin using QuickBooks and Excel when they are first starting out with the intention of upgrading to a more sophisticated project accounting software down the road.  In the meantime you get stuck with multiple data silos and disparate systems causing you to spend hours obtaining the relevant data needed for analysis purposes.


Because it's just not the right time for a financials overhaul, right?   Wrong.

Our digital world is changing the way organizations interact with ERP technology and multiple software solution providers are taking advantage of this intersection.  Today you are able to take your pick of options that facilitate the transition of your current on premise financial reporting system to a web-based option, hosted in "the cloud."  By giving you a solution that travels with you and 24/7 access to your data, you always have the tools you need to consistently deliver profitable project plans, on-time and on-budget.   Get your superman (or superwoman) cape ready.


Beyond: Powerful Project Accounting Software for Professional Services

Beyond Software is a powerful web-based project and financial management solution from the creators of Solomon Software. Designed for small to mid-sized project driven organizations, the software delivers the functionality and ease of use that facilitates your organization’s ability to efficiently manage and execute around your projects all while enabling you to be more profitable by increasing visibility into projects, creating  accountability within the projects and improving cash flow through faster and more accurate invoicing and expense management.  Beyond Software enables your organization to connect your financial and project accounting to provide insight across your entire organization so projects are delivered on time and on budget, allowing you to maximize the profitability of each project.

Benefits of Beyond Software  

Powerful Modules: Beyond operates through a flexible suite of powerful modules developed to help project focused organizations grow profitably    

  • Business Intelligence Reports and Consoles: allow you to quickly and easily conduct powerful self-service analysis with a flexible analytics solution. The enhanced reporting and consoles deliver relevant insight into your projects and financials with the option to export the data to Excel for further analysis.
  • Financials: allows you to automate the tasks related to bank reconciliation, automate your payables and receivables management, manage cash, increase financial control, record and analyze your financial information.
  • Project Accounting: allows you to set up an unlimited number of projects, manage your resources and track all aspects of costs versus revenue so you can proactively analyze and manage your projects to profitability.
  • Time and Expense: allows employees to easily record their time down to the task level on projects, giving you visibility into their work, while improving cash flow and billing cycle times. Employees are able to submit expenses while away from the office, streamlining employee reimbursement.
  •  Document Management: allows you to attach related or supporting documents/files from other programs (such as Microsoft Word and Excel) in all modules. You can also attach a web address (URL) to a record in order to provide access to information available on the internet/ SharePoint etc.

You get to run a more profitable business by: 

  • Increasing management’s visibility into projects in real-time, improving decision making
  • Capturing and comparing actual time to budgets to actively manage the project to profitability
  • Facilitating utilization and realization analysis by employee and project so you know how your business is doing today, allowing you to plan for tomorrow
  • Allowing management review of time and expenses before they are charged to a project to eliminate errors at the source, where they are the least expensive to correct
  • Identifying when a change order is needed to ensure you get paid for all the work you perform
  • Allowing better estimating through a historical comparison of budgeted to actual costs
  • Allowing time and expenses to be entered via the web (and mobile devices), supporting multiple offices or work locations
  • Eliminating the need for infrastructure, and therefore costs—hardware, information systems administrator, backups, etc.
  • Eliminating costly capital expenditures with subscription based pricing

Bonus Benefits: 

  • Actions: "Actions" is a mobile “To Do” list manager. Items included in your to do list can optionally be associated with Beyond Software projects and tasks. Actions integrates with email, allowing users to send an email to update their “To Do” list.
  • Security: Beyond Software provides a much higher level of security than clients can typically provide for themselves. Beyond employs redundant instances in extremely secure data centers in multiple geographies, and automatically backs up your data.


Save Time, Lower Your Costs and Simplify the Administration of Your ERP System   

Web Installations are up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy an on-premise solution. Rapid deployment gets your organization ready to go quickly and affordably. It enables your organization to increase client satisfaction, manage your resources and projects and maximize profitability while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. Beyond Software manages the on-going maintenance and upgrades with no interruption to your business because everything is taken care of behind the scenes. There is no need for extensive IT infrastructure and you will save money because there is no buying hardware to host your applications or using internal IT resources to install and maintain the software, so you can start to work with the software immediately. It’s also simple to scale the software to accommodate your growth because you don’t have to invest in additional server capacity and on premise licenses, just adjust your subscription.

The time and money saved once you make the switch to a powerful project accounting software more than makes up for the effort of transition.  Plus, you'll be better poised to make more informed business decisions, get your data out of those information silos and operate your company powerfully from anywhere you are.

Join us for an information webinar to learn more and get a free demo.

Beyond: Powerful Project Accounting Software for Professional Services

Wed, May 25th 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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