New Report on Procurement Trends for Dynamics GP Customers

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If astronauts can 3D print wrenches and pizza from the International Space Station, shouldn’t your employees be able to enter, edit and approve a requisition, expense or contract from their mobile devices?  Research firm PayStream Advisors thinks so in a new report, “Why Mobile eProcurement Matters for a Modern Workforce”:

Today, more employees, while on the move, consider it the norm to use multiple devices to check email. Now, they also want the flexibility to use their business solutions for purchase and expense management on their device of choice.

The report highlights the benefits of cloud-based, responsive web design (RWD) procurement software that allow employees to connect to a preferred supplier’s website and submit a requisition from their phone; approve from their tablet; and submit purchase orders from any device.

Learn how a modern, multi-screen application can securely manage indirect spending and drive savings and accountability across the organization. Educate your CFO on the extra benefits of mobile, paperless accounts payable automation with seamless integration to Dynamics GP.

Highlighted Benefits of Modern Purchase-to-Pay Applications in New Report:

  • Access to Purchasing Data from Anywhere – Traveling or geographically dispersed employees can have visibility to the same information, helping them to make informed purchasing decisions.  For instance, an employee at a conference can punch out to Dell’s website and submit a purchase request for a new computer from his phone.  Moving between offices, the IT manager, on her tablet can quickly review the requisition against the Dell contract budget and decide to approve or hold off until next month for budgeting purposes.


  • High Employee Adoption Rates – With the introduction of multi-screen applications, more emphasis has been placed on making the user experience work well regardless of device.  The visual design, including the choice of colors and placement of action buttons, are incredibly important for helping employees to walk through the purchase-to-pay steps and to seamlessly collaborate with their colleagues.  The more employees use the application, the greater ROI a company will see from improved employee productivity.


  • Secure Data – Unlike native applications where data is stored on employees’ devices, RWD applications store data securely in the cloud.  This reduces the risk of corporate data being easily available to those outside the company.


  • Easy Implementation and Maintenance – Multi-device procurement software is quick to deploy across devices because it only requires one implementation for employees to be able to review contracts, approve requisitions and post invoices to their Dynamics GP system from any device.  In contrast with native applications, RWD applications do not require employees to download the application on their phones or to receive mobile updates independent of the desktop version.  When an update is applied to a multi-device, purchase-to-pay application, it will provide the same update across devices.


About Ariett:

Ariett offers a unified, cloud spend management platform for every requisition, contract, invoice and expense report.  By automating document management and transaction processing and providing insight into spending and budgets from any device, Ariett reduces accounts payable costs and helps employees to make smart purchasing decisions.  Ariett’s multi-device, purchase-to-pay application empowers your mobile workforce to collaborate on contracts; buy online from preferred vendors; review and approve requisitions; match POs to receipts to invoices; and post transactions to your Dynamics GP from anywhere.  To learn more, please visit Ariett's website:

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